Morning Motivation #29

What turns you on?

When I put forward this question to you, I don’t mean what turns you on physically as they are just materialistic pleasures. By turn on I mean what turn your soul on? What truly and accurately turn on your inner flame? What is that one purpose in your life that you wish to leave behind when you die?



When you don’t have the reason to achieve something then there is no purpose for you to look forward to in the morning. When there is no purpose in your life then there is no need to work hard. When there is no need then there is no fuel to flame your inner fire. When there is no fuel for internal flames then your passion will die a gruesome death. When there is no passion then there is no turn on for your soul. When there is no turn on then you’re just wandering aimlessly in the hope that you will be something someday.

Give yourself the reason to wake up everyday.

Give your life a purpose to live for in this world. Give your soul the constant need to pursue your dreams.

Give your inner flames the fuel to keep your internal fire lit so that you can give light to yourself as well as others.

Give yourself a passion to follow as that will fulfill your destiny.


If you don’t strive for greatness you cannot achieve it.




by Dee Kay

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10 thoughts on “Morning Motivation #29

    1. Exactly..
      People have given change such a bad name that whenever we think about it there is an unknown fear that grips everyone. But it’s simple, if you are unable to find it fuel the inner flames then find the reason and make some changes..
      Thank you so much for your time 😊

      Much love
      Dee Kay

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  1. What would really turn me on ? I will admit the true friendship of one women who just might be the one to admit she likes and enjoys my company. I know with out a doubt I would just say I like you and your company. Lets maybe take upon us a journey of the soul to see how actually compare equally inside and out. With no strings attached until this final arrival here. Could either of want to walk away for ever ? Lets take the first stride along the sea wall in our incredible world !!

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