From the pages of Dee Kay’s life

Date :- 3rd October 2018, 08:28 PM

Hey peeps!!

I have been having issues with my laptop which were finally resolved after I got the screen replaced. Now, I have everything I need to write and compose the perfect imagination through my stories. Roy & I, have been constantly encouraging each other to do what is required to achieve our individual goals as well as the collective ones. We have indulged in long and tiresome discussion regarding the upcoming novel. At this moment, we know exactly what and how we want to showcase the story and all we need to do is pen in down slowly and steadily. We know that we have completed about 30 percent of the work and the major chunk is yet to come to live.

The story is something we believe in and has a lot of promise. We are terrified as well as excited to write it. We cannot wait to share our imagination with the world. We are scared but also optimistic at the same time. We know the story is constantly evolving and their would be a lot of improvisation till the day we get published. It is my responsibility for the time being to steer the story in the right direction so I am ready to accept and excel. I am ready to fly with the words as my wings and the story as my never-ending sky.

At personal front, I would be going for an interview on 15th of this month and most probably will start working with the company from next month. It isn’t the dream job or an fancy one either but it is a job that would help me to achieve some financial stability. Family is doing great, they are looking up-to me to finally choose the path that would take me to the goals.

Life without goal is like walking on the road that is without a destination.”

By Dee Kay

I guess that’s it for today.



So this Dee Kay singing off.

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