LoonyMoony by Roy & Dee Kay


Roy & Dee Kay


He stood benumbed near the sea…bathing in the shimmering moonlit rays…gusts of the cool breeze ruffling his clothes…his slick long curls undulating in front of his closed eyes… With a heart filled with sentiments and a soul immersed in yearnings, he waited for the perfect moment to look at her. As he slowly raised his head, all those longings trapped within him began to metamorphose into uneasiness, shackling the urge to face her formidable brilliance…

A swarm of questions swept all around him…Why did not he come back soon?…why did he leave her alone?…has she waited every night?…will she remember his scarred face?…

Amidst the torment of constructing perfect answers, little did he know that in all true sense she had been the one, waiting to get a glance of his blue eyes…wishing silently to soak herself in his skin…wonting to enunciate her immeasurable ocean of affection to him…

But all that she could whisper with her soft flimsy voice…was…

“Come back”

The voice swept into his ears as each word caressed the scars on his face.  At once, his eyes opened wide …nostrils flared…a trickle of sweat ran through his temple…The old man was completely awake and conscious. It was all a dream…the same dream that had awoken him on a number of such full moon nights. The same voice reverberating in his mind for the past thirty years.

He had always tried to recall the dream…make some understanding out of it. However, the only thing he could remember was the resonance of those two words in his mind. He got up from his charpai and listlessly walked towards the window. The insipid darkness started to transform into scintillating moonlit rays, with each of his forward steps.

Standing by the window, he finally decided to face his dream for one last time. As he closed his eyes, he forced himself to recollect every bit and piece of whatever he could remember. But at that very instant every part of the puzzle seemed to fall smoothly in its place. The locked memories of his younger-self began to unlock, echoing around him…

The young thief ran with all his strengths, in the middle of the night through the woods. Customary to the arrangement, she remained at the rendezvous, looking forward to their tryst.  At his glimpse, she illuminated his path and he comfortably made his way through the dense shrubs and wide tree trunks. Cheering and Cussing, he boastfully looked at her. With a heavy rucksack of his loot, he ran swiftly towards the sea and hopped on the boat at the shore.

Throwing the sack at one end of his dinghy, he sat on the other end and oared the whole night. During all these moments, she accompanied him and he respected her as her true companion. The moonlit sky listened to their unending conversations…his brags of his thievery…his flaunts of narrow escapes…boasts of his skills. He sang to her…shouted his love for her…called her loonymoony…Loonymoony was she in all sense to him.

She silently heard his stories…marveled at the praises…glowed with happiness in his wins. For her, he was a beautiful and vibrant thief who had already stolen away her heart, the moment he kissed her scars. She became wildly fond of the handsome face of his…the rugged-looking soft skin of his…the perfectly strong-built shape of his…

He was the only one who could stare all at her without losing even slight attraction…talk whole night to her without even pausing for breath…share all his secrets with her without even feeling vulnerable. In return, all she could do was, brighten the night for him as if it were a day.

Reaching the other end, he shouted at her with all the softness he could gather in his words…
“Loonymoony…see today I got scar just as that of yours…now my fate is bound to yours…”

Smiling and shouting as always he bade her farewell and kissed her scars once again. A tear ran down the corner of his eye, unusual of his character, as he ran into the woods.

Unaware of the fact that this was going to be their last tryst , she winked at him in reply…

It was the last time that she ever saw him.

Thereafter, as usual, she awaited his return on every full moon night, waiting above the woods. Days passed into months and months swept away into years…years into decades…

…but he did not return…

The old man opened his eyes and the scar along his chin elongated as a familiar smile came on his face. That was the moment for which he had spent many sleepless nights lost in the interpretation of the dream. He had always known what was destined for him. However, that night breathed life into his forgotten love…he felt a very strong connection…an undying thirst to meet her…an uncontrollable urge to stand in front of her…an unstoppable yearn to look at her once again…

The night was full-moon one and the moonlit beams lingered for him to illuminate the road to her. Barefoot, he ran for her…the same wood that hid his identity for three decades now pushed him towards her. He came to a sudden halt as he reached the shore. There she was, expecting his return as always…Loonymoony was she only to him…she was the crazy little moon of his…The old man smiled as he looked up at the moon, mesmerized and amazed…to let her know how beautiful and mysterious she still was…

“Loonymoony…I am back…my fate bound to you…”, he shouted at the moon, giving away flying kisses at the scars of moon, just as he used to.

The moon looked at him with the same glitter in her eyes…as she had looked once at the young rebel and an outcast who did not belong to anyone but her. She lit his face with her brilliance, hiding away the scars of his.

For one last time, he took his boat to the sea…never to return…only to sail through the skies to her…

“Sirji …why are you ripping off the photograph from the wanted list”, the policeman asked his boss.

“This scar-face…did not you hear…the local fisherman’s boy found his body in his fishing net, today morning…”, replied the inspector effortlessly

That night an extra star was added to the sky…just next to…

***THE END***


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19 thoughts on “LoonyMoony by Roy & Dee Kay

  1. Wowwww……Emotional ..Deep and very fluid ….It is captivating till the last line …Very well written Dee Kay ..And the last line , that night , one extra star was added ✨✨✨ Imagination 🍃

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Well written.. I liked the concept..these lines made the story more beautiful..”That night an extra star was added to the sky…just next to…”

    Liked by 1 person

  3. LoonyMoony? 🙃😅 Id buy it any day just bcz of the name 😂
    I like the story. Ur descriptions r a bit difficult to read but it’s only bcz I can’t write them properly (and don’t like romance & fantasy) and think it’s boring sometimes. But as the story or part of the future LOONYMOONY BOOK – well done :)😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hehe…thanks Ray.
      I love your review beacuse it does provide me the areas where I need to improve. Yeah the descriptions are more on fantasy note and so it becomes a stretch I guess.

      Still, I would keep a note when I write further…Thanks

      Liked by 2 people

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