We always look to please people around us: agree to their opinions, do things to impress them, wait for them, work for them and what not. We never realize that we subconsciously wish to get accepted in their peer group – “the so-called-elite class” to feel accepted.

The hope of Acceptance is the underlying cause for loss of our unique individuality. 

Remember that you are different in your own ways and there can’t be a checklist that has the ability to define you. You don’t need to impress anyone and reframe yourself. You are under no obligation to prove your worth to people.

The one thing that you need is – A Story that You want to tell – in any form: songs/ stories/poems/dance/music/speeches/sports…

Just remember! There will be…
people who will love to hear you out
people who will turn deaf to your story
people who will  stay for only some time
people who will criticize your story
people who will admire your story

Focus on the inner tale that you want to speak out
Work on your passion that defines your uniqueness


DO Epic!

by Roy

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