Fault Lines! by Roy

Dedicated to all those beautiful ladies out there who wanna save broken souls with their love

Standing at the fault lines, I looked at your face
A decade of futile life was what you wanted to embrace

Stuck in a loop, lost in the emotions, I spoke for the first time
“Wait! this damaged heart lies wrapped in grime”
Was it the sympathy that replied in her smile?

Perplexed I stared at her imprudent persistence
While she answered with a soft voice to my naive resistance
“Why do you fear when I yearn to come near?
Touch me now and break free from your fear”

For that moment, her ardor blurred my vision
“You make me dream without any caution
like a reality standing at the doors of my fiction”

Beaming she extended her hand towards me
“Hold me now and look at the world as I see…”

Memories Ushered. Snapshots Flickered. Fingers quivered.
Repetition of incidences flashed
Facts from which I could never recover
Unsteady words struggled her to convince
” Don’t be a moth that hovers around the flame
of this dying candle which would soon melt…
Fly away far to the light that can keep you safe
without burning you in its blaze…
for this flame of mine could devour you
culminating us in my diffused wax
filled with your ash..”

She looked at me for one last time with her tears
I took a step back breaking free of my fears
into the darkness that called upon me
sparing me a few moments of her incandescence beauty…


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