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Night Rambling #16

From the pages of Dee Kay’s life

Date :- 26th September 2018, 08:43 PM

Hey peeps!!

I am having trouble writing as if I am having a writer’s block but I know it’s not the block, I just have been feeling a little overwhelm from past few days. Maybe it’s the sudden surge of pressure I am feeling due to initial chapters coming out so well and the pressure to take it up a notch. I tried writing few more pages but the end product just made me more frustrate. I have already written around 3000+ words last night and then ended up deleting them.

I have taken some time off but still I feel as if I there is something lacking in my work. I love the story-line but there is something that is missing in me which is making me doubt my own work. This is like the worst thing that has happen to me because Roy and I have worked hard on this project. We had hours of discussion, improvisation and hours of non-stop writing. We even let our beta readers have a look at the initial chapters and the reviews from them are mind blowing. Maybe I am just scared that I don’t end shelving this project like I did with my first novel which is still a work-in-progress from past 24 months.

I am in mood to write or talk so I guess I will have to get some alone time to put my thoughts together. Will start with small writing projects like poems, then short stories, and then when the creative juices would be flowing I will jump into writing the next few chapters for the novel.

We would be launching the second teaser for our novel, The Elements Of Love, tomorrow. In case you’ve missed out on the #1 Teaser then here is your LINK. Send us some good vibes and love.

I guess that’s it for today.



So this Dee Kay singing off.

(These are the personal views and daily life occurrences of the writer. Please read them with an open mind.)


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  1. I guess the journey of putting a shape to your dreams is an experience in itself. The hard work you guys are putting in would be a cherished memory that would make you smile, at some distant point in your lives.

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  2. The best thing i can suggest is to write the inconvenience you’re feeling right now… just express it in the form of poetry… you’ll get ideas soon..and you’ll be able to write again

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  3. Performance pressure my friend ….. don’t be too critical. …..and if possible don’t compare your writing with what you have already written…..they say treat each day as new …….try and treat each chapter as new. My two cents 😊

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