Let’s Talk ! #5

Dear Friends,

Through this segment – Let’s Talk, I believe the chats and discussions help us to know one another better and in many ways help us connect. So, here comes the fifth chat question, one of the most interesting one.



It can be funny or serious or just a trait.

Leave a Comment. Dee Kay and I would surely love to talk 

I would also request the readers to reply to others comments so that it seems more of a bunch of friends chatting over pint of beers…



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  1. I have always had a fascination with the awesome 80s and wished I could have spent my teens in that era…I grew up in the 90s though. Also secretly I always wanted to be an 80s rockstar! 🙂

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    • Hahahahahaha.. I can totally feel you, girl.. 70s and 80s were the time when everything was being redefined.. I completely understand the feeling to be the 80s rockstar because they were in every sense real rock stars.. 😊

      Much love
      Dee Kay

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  2. I love peace and silence. Helps me think and imagine. However, the society often perceives your silence as a sign of weakness, non-participation, and disinterest. That obviously isn’t true. I love interacting with people who share a similar passion and zeal for things. The mass hysteria called society doesn’t interest me. And silence can be very powerful. You tend to discover facts about yourself, which you never knew existed in the first place.

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    • Mass hysteria called society….So true! Being an Indian makes it even more difficult where leave society even your own family will not let you live in peace. I too prefer to be away from people/group/crowd which disturbs my peace of mind.

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    • Tbh, I too love some alone time.. I spend hours or sometimes days without speaking to anyone except my family.. That gives me enough time to understand and process thoughts that are more of self interoception..😊

      Society is and should probably will always be where the stupid are full of confidence will the intelligent are full of doubts as in society mediocrity is the norm..

      Dee Kay

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    • That’s sad.. I think if you are passionate about singing then you should follow it.. Ask your parents for some time like 1 or 2 years.. Then put everything you have in those 2 years to achieve your goals..

      I hope everything works out for you.. 😊

      Dee Kay


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