Your craft/talent is just kick that CAN give you a jump start but remember life is a race for the long run so unless and until you keep acquiring new skills and keep improving the existing ones, you won’t be able to reach the desire long term goals.

Beat on your craft and keep doing it till you can see the desire results. Don’t rely on others for motivation or support, be your biggest cheerleader. Ask yourself, why you do what you do? If the answer doesn’t align with your bigger goals then CHANGE.

Yes, change even though this sounds scary but let me assure you that not all changes are bad. We are so consumed by the fact that we have spent so much time making a mistake that we just don’t let it go. The moment you will let go of the mistakes, situations, or people that are holding you back you will realize that you set yourself on the course of change.

“Yeah, I am following my dreams.

I will fall and I will fall hard, not once or twice but numerous times.
I will be bashed and abused for my work.
Some will like it, some will love it, and few will simply hate it.
I am not doing this to please everyone rather I am just doing it for ME.
and that’s enough a reason for me to look past every curve ball that life throws at me.”

By Dee Kay




by Dee Kay

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