Day: September 24, 2018

Night Rambling

Night Rambling #15

From the pages of Dee Kay’s life Date :- 25th September 2018, 07:59 PM Hey peeps!! There are things in life which we can learn from each other as life is nothing but a constant learning process. If you thing you know everything then either you’re lying to yourself […]

The Road By Dee Kay

The Road By Dee Kay   The lonely roads always attracted his mind, as he could play his memories in rewind. The silence on those road had something about them, the stories they told could be heard only by some. The roads only few have traveled not for […]

Morning Motivation #26

Your craft/talent is just kick that CAN give you a jump start but remember life is a race for the long run so unless and until you keep acquiring new skills and keep improving the existing ones, you won’t be able to reach the desire long term goals. Beat on […]