1500+ followers and Teaser#1 of the Up-Coming Novel!

Dear Friends!

The Floating Thoughts is excited to release the first teaser poster for the new upcoming novel written by your own Dee Kay and Roy on this occasion of achieving the magic number of 1500 followers. We take this opportunity to send our love and hugs to everyone out there who have supported us in this journey.

So, here goes the exciting news!

Dee Kay & Roy brings to you another tale from deep within the cradle of emotions. A story narrated amidst the mountains…over a journey of a lifetime…in a battle of hearts… to rediscover the long lost love.

BE prepared to SMILE, CRY and LIVE the LOVE in the melancholic gusts of soothing mountain breezes.

The Elements of Love by Dee Kay & Roy

“The Elements of Love” by Dee Kay & Roy

Coming Soon…

Stay Tuned for more updates.

Thank you all
Keep Writing and Keep Shining
Stay Unbreakable 
Stay Strong
Do Epic

Yours Truly

The Floating Thoughts Team

Click here to read Sample to our First Novel:
The Two-Faced Truth (click to know more)

24 thoughts on “1500+ followers and Teaser#1 of the Up-Coming Novel!

        1. We are busy in creating and reading so much that few post slip through the cracks of the busy schedule.. 🙂
          It’s been more than couple of months working on the novel and we are the final stage of the writing part for the 1st draft..

          Ah.. Thank you Kristian.. Your last line just made our day… We work really hard to maintain an quality standard and it feels really good when our peers notice and appreciate the same.. 🙂

          Warm Regards
          Dee Kay

          Liked by 1 person

  1. Wow😍 eagerly waiting…. all d very best…m sure we will get more excitement and fun in this novel😍


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