There would always be people around you who would be negative and will criticize you at every step. These people are insecure. These people need to pull others down to feel elevated. These people are the enemy of your success. These people don’t care or love you even if they scream the same at you, thousand of times.


You have a secret weapon in your arsenal. IGNORANCE.

They say “Ignorance is BLISS”, it is true in many cases especially when it comes to those who are pissing on your inner flames. I say this people you will always find two type of people, the one who douse your fire and the other who throws logs in your inner fire. The latter are in minority but that doesn’t change your plans for success. Just stick to your plan. Listen to constructive criticism from those who want to enhance the inner flame. Ignore those who just wear a mask of concern but have an ugly hidden agenda.




by Dee Kay

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