From the pages of Dee Kay’s life

Date :- 22nd September 2018, 09:19 PM

Hey peeps!!

In life there are moments when you have to stand for yourself and for things you believe in. You will see people trying to cultivate their insecurities on your mind field so beware of such people because they are nothing more than wild weeds on your land, emphasis on YOUR. I guess you get my point.

Anyhow, coming back to my life..

It has been quite busy few days with a lot of functions to attend as my dad’s army mates are in town so I am official responsible to arrange for their travels so I am spending more time behind the wheel than in front of my laptop. This is why I am not able to give much time to the blog so please don’t mind my absence as I am trying my best to manage the time.

I would be accepting a job offer next month so I guess that means I don’t have to study anymore for the competitive exams. The job isn’t something that I was preparing for but I have some experience in that job profile so I think this is going to be a little helpful. The company office is in a nearby city so I would have to see how to travel their everyday. It would be a 2 hour drive one way so I most probably will avail the bus services which would give me 2-3 hours of time to write while on travel. This is going to be challenging but I guess this is the way to go as I need some financial stability to pursue my dream of writing.

The new novel is turning out to be a great one and I am in love with Celtic music as it helps me in writing. I think you should try listening to some especially while writing. Here is one new video that I found on YouTube, Celtic Music by Adrian von Ziegler. As for my breakfast routine, I made Aloo Poha (Sweet & Sour Flattened rice with Potato). Check out the recipe in the link above.

Coming back to the novel, we made our beta readers have a look at few initial chapters. They are falling in love with the storyline and want us to complete it ASAP. They can feel the emotions that we wanted to show and they said, “This is your best work TILL DATE. We can see the maturity in your writing and the emotions are just perfect.”

I think this is the right moment to launch the first teaser of our upcoming novel for our WordPress family. We would do that in the next few hours and will introduce the characters every few days…..

Since, I have been busy with my stuff Roy stepped up and took over the blog completely which is actually really great, keeping in mind his busy schedule and all the work load he is in at the moment. He wrote a wonderful series of poem and in case you missed on it here is the link for them. Check them out and cherish the bond of friendship.

O’ my friend !!! Part #1 : Beseeching

O’ my friend !!! Part#2 : Beckoning

O’ my friend !!! Part#3 : Believing

I guess that’s it for today.



So this Dee Kay singing off.

(These are the personal views and daily life occurrences of the writer. Please read them with an open mind.)