Morning Motivation #24

There are days when you’re in pain, emotional as well as physical, but does this pain will stay with you forever? The answer is a big fat NO. The pain that you feel today will vanish in thin air with time and results. You cannot accept glory if you are not ready to bear and overcome the pain that comes with it.

“Glory demands a PRICE and your temporary pain is the price you’ve to pay.”

Remember, you’re pain will go away but your glory with stay here forever. The ball is in your court now, would you lose your eternal glory for temporary pain or would you overcome or bear this pain to become a LEGEND?


The truth of the matter is that their is no shortcut to success. Success can come to anyone but success stays with those who are consistent and work hard for it. With a bit of luck you can get some success but with the same principles that success would be taken away with a bit of unlucky timing.

So would you bet your success and glory on luck


would you make your own luck by working for your success and glory?





by Dee Kay

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