Morning Motivation #23

We have our own story to live. We have our own heroes and villains. In the story of life, failures are not the ending but just a simple plot-twist that is required to make the story justifiable in the end. Failures are the balancing act of life that shows you the importance of success but at the same time teaches you some important life lessons that success cannot teach you.

Look at it this way, Failure is that friend of yours who can get you to the love of your life, success. Success isn’t easy to woo but failure has some meaningful and undeniable lessons and tricks to make success fall for you. Failure is the sidekick that everyone hates till the end of the story where everyone realize its worth. You can be afraid of failure but then remember success would be afraid of you so it will never come.

Failure is lessons.

Failure is the mock test for success.

Failure is your friend in disguise.

Failure is not the end


the beginning. 

Make failure your alley




by Dee Kay

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