Adding to the pages of Dee Kay’s life by Roy

Date :- 16th September 2018, 08:56 PM

Hey Guys!

Dee missed last night rambling and so I guess I will write for both the days on his behalf. I have been working on my personal work deadlines and so was quite occupied till last Friday. So, Saturday gave me some time to relax and take some time off. However, Dee was on followup mode for the next chapter for the upcoming Novel. We already had discussed a lot about it and I had to write the plots soon until they were still fresh. After a normal conversation with Dee Kay and furthermore discussion about world and maturity and thoughtful topics, I decided to use the time off to complete my Novel. Well, the prime reason was Dee Kay waiting in excitement to read it.

So, my Saturday began with me writing down from 10 am till 1 am straight 12 hours and a few breaks in between. The story kept flowing smoothly that kept me hooked into completing the chapter. Around 1: 45 am, Sunday I texted him, hoping that he must be asleep after keeping up for more than 24 hours. But to my surprise, Dee was still awake like a little kid who gets thrilled for a new gift. It took me half n hour more before I mailed him after a few corrections. Well, Dee’s response was expected since I knew he would connect with the story . He called back to highlight the best parts and the areas that needed editing. The best is the story is exceeding our expectations and turning out to be something that is going to be close to our heart. However, I got a call from plat around 3 am and had to rush due to some urgent work at the office.

As for today, I guess its Dee’s turn to write the next chapter and I hope he is writing else I am gonna follow up consistently…lol

Well, Amrita is back to her form. Last week, I made her buy a novel, “I too had a love story”. I guess many of you may know about it- one of the best true emotional love stories. She is into the genre and so I knew the book was going to be a big treat for her. She called me today, narrating how great the book was and then moving onto those soulful talks where we, as usual, started to discuss how love has taken a back seat in today’s world in the facade of compromises and sacrifices and getting the one true perfect person is next to myth. The never-ending loop of attraction and repulsion, from making the person feel special to taking the relationship for granted and finally break up over the period. So better love your passion instead of an unworthy person.

Well, this post went a bit long but feels lights pouring them out.

Anyways, to people from different time zones, I send you my love and pls pick the relevant wishes as per your timezone…:P

Have a pleasant night with the sweetest dreams!

Have an awesome day fulfilling your dreams!

Just Do Epic!

Signing off


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