“Why do you spend your time writing and that too for 12 hours straight when you have your important work to complete?” Someone asked me yesterday seeing me flustered with my work late night

To the question, I had and will have only reply always…
“Like the way you need air to breathe and water to quench your thirst, I need my writings…”

Have a passion for yourself, that gives meaning to your existence. Have a dream for yourself that makes the sleepless night worth. Have a love for your goals that even in your loneliness can feed you with hope and strength.

We all feel desolate when we are rejected by someone…when the entire day we wait for calls but even a chance of getting a text message seems unrealistic…when we push our aspirations into the back seat.

Why don’t we realize that ignoring our ambitions and goals, makes them all feel rejected the same way we feel. But the difference is that while others may leave you they will always stay with you…while others may take advantage of you, they will keep adding to your growth…while others may hate you, they will keep loving you more than you could ever shower.

So, Live and love your dreams and don’t let others define your destination

Find that thing in your life, without which your soul would feel thirsty…
Make sure that thing is your passion instead of a person…



by Roy

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