The Winds Of Her Love

By Dee Kay & Roy

The bone-chilling winter was taking over the valley as Captain Rudra stand down in his room after an exhausting patrol. The room seemed a bit on the messy side as he had left in a hurry. The news of few terrorist hiding in a nearby village was nothing more than rumors. Rudra had a long and exhausting night searching the whole village with his delta company. It was just the time for dawn and he wanted the much needed sleep as his body was demanding it with all its will.

He cleared his bed and found his cellphone lying at a corner. He looked at the phone with irritation as the network in the area was at the mercy of the weather. He knew that network issues would get more and more worse as the winter proceeds. He picked up his phone to set his alarm as he just had 3-4 hours before he was to move out for yet another search patrol.

He unlocked his phone and was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a weak yet operatable strength of network on his phone. His mind was pleading him to sleep yet his heart wanted to message his love. He turned on the net and within few seconds there was a flood of messages on whatsapp as well as facebook. He had a smile on his face as he knew what to expect from the messages. He opened whatsapp and there were around 15 to 20 messages from Bani.

The message read,

“Hey! You there? ” 12:01 am

“Your network really sucks 😑” 12:47 am

“Baby I really miss you” 01:00 am



01:16 AM

He smiled at the irritation she was showing through this. He knew how much she loves to chat with him.

“Okay fine! I’m going to sleep now. Just wanted to tell you that I miss you and you better come back soon. Warna toh you know mere piche Kitne ladke hai. 😈” 1:54 AM

He read it in his mind in the same voice as she would have said these words. This made him chuckle a bit as he realized how nicely he knows her. Then he started typing…

“Hey, Miss Universe…
Madamji why do want your so-called aashique to die single. Remember I know how to use guns 😈
Anyways I am doing okay here. The cold is getting worse so the network issue will get worse in the coming days so I will try to call you asap.
Chal then I Love You.
Over and out 😂”

He sent the message and waited till it was received on her end. He then waited a minute or two to see if she would come online or not but nothing happened so he cursed his luck and laid on the bed waiting for sleep to take over him. His mind was shutting down as sleep finally began to take over him when suddenly his phone rang. His eyes were heavy and his mind told me to just throw the phone away but again his heart took over as there could be no one else who would call him on such odd times. He looked at his phone and it was Bani calling. He picked the call,

Rudra spoke in a sleepy voice, “Hey beautiful”

Bani too replied in her sleepy voice, “Your network sucks”

R – “Hahahaha I can’t do much about it na”

B – “I Love You ”

R – “I Love YouuuuTube too”, he said showing off his sense of humour.

B – “Galiya Abhi sunoge ya Baad mein? “. She said in a fake angry tone.

R – “Abhi time ni hai toh Baad mein sun luga.” he stopped after that. She too waited for him to say something. They both were silent as she wanted to hear the three words and he just wanted to tease her.

B – “Say something before one of us drop dead to sleep”

R – “Okay baba. I Lov………..”, the phone got disconnected as the network vanished in thin air. He waited for a few minutes but there was no more sign of any network so he let sleep consume him.

On the other side Bani kept on trying his number as she wanted to speak more and more with him. She was now completely woken up and was on the verge of crying as they have spoken after 10-11 odd days and still she couldn’t hear him say I Love You. She tried and tried his number over and over again as if she was trying to breathe in the last gasp of air. Her heart was aching so did the head. Before she knew it her eyes began the waterworks. She didn’t know why in the world was she crying so badly but she kept on crying. Sometimes tears are the words of the heart. She cried her heart out for don’t know how long as sleep finally rescued her from the longing of her love.

The next day early in the morning she received a letter with a parcel. It was a letter from her Captain. She opened up the parcel like a kid opening up her Christmas present. She was smiling and laughing with all her heart as she finally unwrapped the box. She opened the box and found his favorite T-Shirt in it. She embraced the T-Shirt in her arms as if it wasn’t just a T-shirt but it was Rudra. Then she opened the letter which read,

The beautiful girl Who stole my heart.
Now before you start saying that it’s way too cheesy and romantic, I know you are more than delighted to have my favorite T-shirt. (Can I get some smile here). I wore it once and then sent it to you. I don’t know why I did this but I saw it in a movie and the chick loved it. So you better not wash it.
Anyways, I don’t have enough space to write everything I want to but then I LOVE YOU is really everything I would want to say. I know it’s been difficult for you to adjust to the new routine and network issues at my end but I just want you to know that no matter how far I am I always have you in my thoughts (and sometimes even dirty thoughts). Damn it I ruined the feel , didn’t ?
Chal then see you soon.
Miss you my love.

PS – If you miss me more than you could say,
just remember the winds kissing your face will come my way.
I could kiss them for you and send them to back to you,
just tell them in your heart as that’s the place I want to stay.

Over and out”

Her eyes kept on reading the letter over and over again. As somehow Rudra knew what she wanted to hear. She wore the T-shirt and went to her balcony as a swift breeze kissed her face at that moment she had him with her. At that moment she had her love.

****THE END****


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