Morning Motivation #20

It has been more than 24 hours since I have been awake. I have been writing for the next novel, continuously for the last 11 hours. Post that when I decided to go to sleep, I got an urgent call from the office and so had to rush. And once I get back home, I have to work on some important personal work, meaning that I have to be up for next 12 hours also.

Goodbye Sleep!

Well, there is nothing motivational about anything what I have said above. Yet I am smiling writing this post.


Well this is a bit reverse concept that I am going to share with you. FAKE IT till U MAKE IT.

Try to fake a smile when you are in worries and soon those fake smiles will give u courage to overcome your sufferings.

Try to fake that you love doing the task that you hate…soon you will find a way to be an expert on that…

Try to fake that you love your failures and soon you will find a way to use them as your stairs to success.


DEVISE EPIC FAKES for yourself to CREATE EPIC STORIES for the world

by Roy


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