From the pages of Dee Kay’s life

Date :- 14th September 2018, 08:17 PM

Hey peeps!!

The night rambling has turned into double digits which is quite fascinating as this is just regarding my daily accounts and feelings. I have seen many actually taking interest in knowing me and the thought process, so I am grateful to all those individuals who take some time out of their busy life to read and know me. I always believe that ‘TIME’ is the best gift a person can give to an individual as we all have limited time in this world. So thank you.

Now, coming back to the day. I guess my body is still trying to finger out the best sleeping pattern for me as I am still working on sticking to a schedule even though I am failing. I have realized that my body works best when I convince my  mind that I had a proper 7-8 hours of sleep even when I just slept for 5-6 hours. I cannot explain how this works but I set my alarm in my phone while the clock on the wall is set 2 hours early than the actual time. So before sleep I see the time in my phone but when the alarm goes off I stare at the time on the wall clock for sometime till my mind is tricked into believing I had more than usual sleep. I know its stupid for some but it works for me so I won’t complain.

I had a word with Roy as usual where we discussed about his office life while I just made fun of him then we moved onto talking about our aspirations which is something we discuss more than often as it motivates us. We discussed to bring out few new segments for the blog which would be really interesting. Finally, we talked about the novelette and I pushed and blackmailed him to sit down and write the next chapter. I didn’t think it would have worked as I know he has a jam-packed schedule till mid October and today was the only off day he would get for a long time but to my surprise and also his own, he sat down and wrote the chapter. From morning 10 till evening 7, he has been writing. I am excited to know that I will get to read the chapter later in night.  Also, I guess the novelette is going to turn into a novella. We discussed the ending and trust me everyone who loves a good complicated romantic story will love it, THAT’s THE CONFIDENCE WE HAVE.

The biggest highlight of the day was a small sentence I read on beautiful Jass’s blog, Zeesviews, on her recent award nomination Q&A. She was asked to name her favorite blog and she was kind enough to take The Floating Thoughts name. This could be a small thing for many but for us this is and will always be special. We are two passionate writers who write because they want to make people see the world through their eyes, they want people to get a glimpse of their imagination, and they want to make people be lost in their imaginative world. So, for us this solidify and credits that we are moving in the right direction and that our hardwork plus dedication will eventually pay off one day. I was emotional so I wrote her an email, I will share a part of her reply,

“Actually I should be thankful coz there is something in your stories or your writings which always attract me. For those few minutes when i read you I feel myself in a different world.”

Isn’t she the sweetest?

Yes, she most definitely is special. More love and power to her.

I will leave you with a small question  again that you can ask yourself, What are you grateful for in this life? answer this question truly and you will see that you have a reason to be happy too.

I guess that’s it for today.



So this Dee Kay singing off.

(These are the personal views and daily life occurrences of the writer. Please read them with an open mind.)