People often confuse Productivity with Being Busy.


It is the process of adding value to yourself as well as doing the work to achieve your ultimate goal. When I say adding value, I mean the values or qualities that would help you achieve the goal or fasten the process in anyway. For example, if you’re an aspiring writer than productivity for you should be penning down the ideas for a story, writing down that story, creating the story-line and characters for that story, or developing new style of writing. If you’re an entrepreneur than productivity is coming up with new plans to support your business, meeting prospective investors, executing the plans you made, or anything else that will shorten your journey to the ultimate goal.

Being busy on the other hand is the easiest thing to do in this world. Just pick up anything and start doing it, bravo, you’re busy.

Take a moment. Now ask yourself. Have you been productive or busy for past week?

If you can clearly see that everything that you did, from your thoughts to your actions, were in the course to your goal then indeed you were productive but if not than you were just busy. For everyone falling in the latter, it’s time for to hustle and bustle to be productive.

The day you will achieve your maximum productive level would be the day you will get closest to your goal.

Productivity = Results

Results = Achievements

Achievements = Happiness

Happiness = Inner Peace

Inner Peace = More Productivity

It’s a never ending cycle



by Dee Kay

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