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Night Rambling #9

From the pages of Dee Kay’s life

Date :- 13th September 2018, 08:56 PM

Hey peeps!!

I am in a good mood, actually very good mood. This is the time when I feel that impeccable urge to write. My thoughts wander deep into my imagination as I see a lot of stories come to live in my mind at once. I just need to choose the one that I know I want my readers to read and see. I have couple of good ideas and few great ideas. I will write something that is different from my usual stories.

I know my writing style is still in it’s initial stages and I still have a long way to go to become the writer I want to become in the coming years. There is a lot of things that I am learning, constantly, and there are things that I wish to learn. I cannot do that at once but I am taking those baby steps and moving forwards each day. I want to better than yesterday but a little less than tomorrow.

I look around myself and see so many talented writers who are a part of my journey as they are teaching me something or the other with their writing. I am not a person who would be embarrassed by learning from someone younger than me. I believe that knowledge can come from any place and any person. I try to read more which is a good thing as I know I have never been into reading. At the same time, I give myself time to have some visual treats in the form of movies as they inspire my writing a lot.

I am in a bit of a philosophical mood, maybe because that’s my natural happy state of mind or maybe its the instrumental music that is playing in the background. Whatever the reason, I am in my happy place.

Now, coming back to the day, I woke up around 4 in the morning. Then spent time replying and commenting on WordPress. Wrote the Morning Motivation then went on to read some more posts. Helped a fellow blogger understand the process of self publication then received a call from Roy. He was in a good mood too as his hardwork is paying off. He was in a panic mood for past couple of days but I guess my pep talk worked (Yeah, I am too greedy to take credit.. JK). Went to watch a movie with my family which I didn’t want to so spent the movie time sleeping. It wasn’t that bad a movie but it was a very good sleep so I can’t complain. My family had a good laugh about it so did I. Then came back in the evening, cleaned my room and went for a cold shower. It was refreshing even though the weather is changing as WINTER IS COMING.

I have downloaded 2 songs that act as a reminder for me to keep on pushing my writing. The first song is from The Hobbit Series – Unexpected Journey called The Misty Mountain Cold and the second one is from Games of Throne Season 7 Episode 1 called Hands of Gold, these songs are from the two most creative and spectacular movie & TV series EVER. So they remind me that there are still fictional universes to be created and one of them is mine for taking.

I will leave you with a small question that you can ask yourself, Why do you write? answer this question truly and you will see that you have a reason to keep pushing yourself.

I guess that’s it for today.



So this Dee Kay singing off.

(These are the personal views and daily life occurrences of the writer. Please read them with an open mind.)

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  1. It was a great day coz it was 13( my lucky number)😉
    You are a really really gud writer Dee..may god fulfil all your dreams and desires 😇☺️

    Liked by 1 person

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