“Life is 10% what happens to you


90% how you react to it”

– Charles R. Swindoll

There are issues in everyone’s life that they have to fight. The difference between the one who wins and the one who quits is just the way they react to a given situation. A winner will face the adversities head on.

He would tremble,

he would fall,

but he would never doubt.

There is a winner and a quitter in all of us.

When life throws you at a crossroad in life where you meet the winner and the quitter in you.

Choose the WINNER.

The quitter would never walk you down the road to your dreams. The quitter will never fulfill your destiny. The quitter will never give you the life that you deserve. The quitter will never fill your soul with the pride of being THERE.

So, look into the mirror

and tell the WINNER in you that you’re choosing it

to lead you through hard time,

to teach you how to react to difficult time,

to push you harder when the chips are down,




by Dee Kay

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