The Dawn & Our Love

By Dee Kay & Roy

The sharp cold breeze walks across the beach to make its delightful acquaintance with me, as I sat comfortably on the recliner chair in the balcony of my cottage. The coldness brushed onto my face as if the ocean sends their regards to the writer in me while I jotted few lines for my upcoming novel. A mystical feeling of belonging took over me as I looked across the bewitching scenery in front of me. The never-ending blue ocean meetings the long lost love, the beach, staring into me from a distance. I breathe in the freshness as I kept my laptop aside to enjoy the moment and live this soul-filling spectacle.

I lay back on the chair and lit a cigarette. I took a drag and the firry head of the cigarette resonate its light around me. The light of the rising sun extended its hands across the horizon as I took another drag. It was a moment when instead of looking at the scenery I could actually feel it; deep within me. The first ray of the sun made its way onto the balcony fences as my eyes followed its ascending path. It overtook the laptop lying on the table next to the coffee mug as it moved towards the open glass door of my room. I stood up to move the blocking curtains out of the way, as I took the final drag from the diminishing cigarette.

I could see clearly the approaching sunlight reaching the footsteps of the curtains as I moved the curtains out of their ascendance. My eyes still following the light as I stood near the open door letting the cold ocean breeze jump to exploit the given opportunity to its fullest extent. The ray of light then made its way to the bed and kissed the feet of my love,


The white quilt curled around her nakedness whiles her leg rejoiced the freedom. She quivered a bit as the cold breeze brushed against her smooth leg. I took a deep breath as the beauty of the moment seeped into my soul. The great ocean behind me tried to peak and catch a glimpse of the one true beauty that I had but it didn’t. The cold breeze tried to feel the love of hers that only I had felt. The sunlight kissed her trying to fulfill its burning desire though she was just mine to love.

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I walked in closing the door behind me. I kept looking at her peaceful sleeping face recalling the calmness I felt last night as I slept embracing her. I got next to her as I gazed upon her flawless beauty. My heart began to fill with love while my mind is filling with some burning desires. I slowly caressed her leg with my fingertip making my way up-to her thighs. She flinched in her sleep as she felt my soft touches. I smiled watching her react to my touches. I went down on her leg again with the fingertip.

She opened her eyes. Our eyes met. A smile took over her face as she closed her eyes again. My eyes twinkled as I got her permission.

I lugged inside the quilt as she adjusted herself to make room for me. She turned around as I hugged her from behind. Her bare back rested against my chest while our lowers rubbed against each other. My hand elope her blossoms as I kissed the side of her neck. She arched backward as if wanting to submerge into me, completely. The kisses turned into soft bites. Her steady breathing turned into long and heavy breathes. My slow touches turned into grappling grasps. She turned around in a swift motion and for a moment, we stopped just to look into each other’s eyes then our lust-filled desires took over. We kissed like there was no tomorrow. We kissed as if this was our first and last kiss. My hands moved freely on her bare back, exploring and fondling. She unbutton my shirt as I continued the fondling and the embracing.

I turned her onto her back as I removed the shirt and pushed the trousers aside. She extended her arms wanting me to get back to her. For a moment and just for a moment it felt as if everything else has stopped in this world. Then I obliged as I lay over her while our naked bodies entangled.

The Dawn to Our Love By Dee Kay 1

The noises of our







And our love

filled the room.

She let out a loud moan as she climaxed with me. I lay on top of her, exhausted and smiling. We are cover in each other’s fragrance as well as sweat. Our breathing was heavy as I fell beside her. She turned towards me putting her leg across my leg while hand rested on my panting chest. She gave me a soft kiss on the cheeks.

“You came here to finish your novel or begin one”, she whispered in my ears.

I smiled.

“Was just coinciding with my only muse for some inspiration.”, I replied.

She smiled.

“Writers”, she teased with a pout face.

“Correction, YOUR writer.”, I announced with pride.

We smiled.

The door opened slightly as the cold breeze came in again just to touch us as if expressing its approval for our love. The sunlight peak in through the open space. The ocean made loud noises as huge waves crushed against the rocks, and I just kissed my love, once again then again as if making the world around me jealous. They say, ‘Love can either fulfil you or fully kill you.”, oh wait! I said that in my novel. True as it is I just let my love fulfil my souls deepest desires.

*** THE END ***

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