From the pages of Dee Kay’s life

Date :- 10th September 2018, 08:12 PM

Hey peeps!!

Another week gone by and it has been a good week for the blog as the numbers have improved in every aspects of the stats. I am able to redirect my focus on writing as well as other things too, like studying. I feel positive and motivated to bring about the changes that I desire especially when it comes to my habits.

Last night I called Amrita and we talked for around 90 minutes or so. It was fun talking to her as she is really positive and love talking crazy. We talked about how the relationship this days have changed due to many reasons, then we talked about the latest movie she watched, we made fun of Roy, and then I just start making bad PJ’s to make her laugh. Trust me, she had a blast.

After, the call I went on to write a couple of short stories that were shelved due to lack of story-line or motivation. I also wrote a new story which turned out great but would need to change it a bit as it somehow has many elements of the novelette in it. I guess I am just overtaken by the novelette and its characters. I will sit down and edit the short stories then schedule them over the course of couple of weeks after Roy’s addition to the stories.

I have been trying to read more on WordPress but its difficult to read posts from everyone so I try to read from those with whom I have a good connection although I do add more individuals everyday to that list. I just get blown away when I look at how easy WP has made it for us to get in touch with so many amazing people from around the world. I get the privilege to talk and make friends from so many countries. I just love knowing new people and observing them. I also emailed a couple of friends since I’m off social media. I like being alone but I don’t like to make my friends think that I don’t miss them so I guess a simple mail would be enough to show my love to them.

Its been raining here as the monsoon season starts its last leg. I do enjoy rain but at the same time it becomes extremely difficult to carry on with daily outdoor chores. The roads get clogged that makes it harder for me to go out on my two-wheeler so I had to take the car which is a problem in itself. My mum is a big cleanliness goddess so the car needs to be clean every day which is quite difficult in this weather plus its a sedan which makes it an elephant on the roads of my city. I used to think that I love driving but it turns out that I only love it when I am on the highway, city driving sucks.

I will study a bit after this and maybe sleep a little as I am not feeling well especially after getting drenched in rain in the evening. A couple of hours of good sleep should do its trick and I shall be charged enough to finish the remaining short stories before I burden Roy  with editing and adding. I guess that’s it for today.



So this Dee Kay singing off.

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