Dear Friends/Readers/Followers/ Visitors/ Guests

I, Roy, take this opportunity to express gratitude on the behalf of The Floating Thoughts Team for the love and support that you all have extended towards us. Today we have hit another milestone of 50,000 unique views on our website. In addition to that, we have been able to post over 250 creative works of various people and ours.

50,000+ views worldwide

With your encouragement, The Floating Thoughts has been able to prove that a flame of creativity lies within every individual, waiting just for a little push. Your regular footprints in our world have been a reminder that you are with us in this journey towards realizing our dreams. You have been an inspiration to the ones who feared to express themselves or the ones who did not know how to express. You have lit up the path to channelize the thoughts into a beautiful composition for many people. This website is not just ours rather equally yours and everyone others. It is a place where one can truly put a face to their feelings without fear of being judged. It is a place of freedom…a place of sheer inspiration.

The Floating Thoughts took its inception from a broken story of a simple guy who had tasted numerous failures, only to realize that every failure held a meaning within itself. The Floating Thoughts realized its true importance when Dee Kay and Amrita became a part of its family. Since then it has just moved forward with only one goal holding in itself and that is ROAD TO CREATE MEMORIES BY TOUCHING AS MANY LIVES AS POSSIBLE IN THE JOURNEY!

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Amrita, has been a silent archangel, who has been a part of many bloggers’ motivation, helping them realize their true potential and consistently strengthening their beliefs in themselves. She has been the reason that this world The Floating Thoughts grew from mere 5 followers to 1450+. She is one special soul that can bring out the best in you. I will always be in debt to her for everything…





Dee Kay, brother from another mother, is one true gem of a person. Just talk to him for a minute and you would be amazed at the level of maturity that the guy holds within himself. He is one old soul entrapped in a young body. He has an answer to all your demotivation. He has the talent to show you the real mirror and at the same time enflame in you the fire to work for your passion. Some people can only spread optimism around themselves and Dee is one such rare soul who always walks the talks. You already know the power of his writing. He can make even a motion picture feel inferior to the imageries that are created from his words. Brother all strength to you…

About me, you already know many things from Dee’s NIGHT RAMBLINGS posts. Yet to add, I am not an achiever or a motivator, just a simple guy who analyses his mistakes a lot…hoping that maybe my mistakes will act as signages to the road ahead of you…maybe my failures would make you less afraid…maybe my story would assure you that you are not alone…

My deepest gratitude and respect to all of you…
Loads of Love and Smile sending your way…








Keep Shining…Keep Writing…