Day: September 9, 2018

Night Rambling #5

From the pages of Dee Kay’s life Date :- 9th September 2018, 08:22 PM Hey peeps!! It has been a productive day as per the blog is concerned. I sat down to schedule some posts for the whole week which are basically very early posts of our blog […]

Message #1

Everything that you have experienced in your life irrespective of it being good or bad, has actually contributed in shaping your mentality towards life. This mentality of yours is the mirror for your self, if you look closely. If you hate your life and everything bad it has […]

The Untold Scribbles #4 (Roy)

TUS by Roy    #STOP_FEMALE_INFANTICIDE  #TUS     #THEME_SOCIAL_ISSUES Submit your nanotales by clicking on The Untold Scribbles We will post the submissions throughout the week. GUEST SUBMISSIONS If you wish to share your stories, please submit your writings here or mail us at INCASE YOU WISH TO […]