The Bundle of Flawlessness

By Dee Kay & Roy

Rudra and Vani walked through the door nervously as their hearts were beating faster and their palms were sweaty. An unusual sense of uneasiness gripped the newlywed couple. They held each other’s hand as the moment of truth came facing them. This simple yes or no would change their lives forever as they sat across the man who had been given the power to make the decision and announce it to the couple.

They looked at the name while he went through all the paperwork and in between, he would just look up without any expression or word. Rudra was getting really anxious so he asked the man why he was checking the paperwork again. The man didn’t say anything but raised his eyebrow making it evident for Rudra to shut his mouth and sit quietly. Then all of the sudden the man asked them both to wait outside till he takes a decision. Rudra was scared so he started babbling all the details whichever already there on the file. He was trying to convince the man with his words but the man just stared at him. Vani had to interrupt him and had to pull him by his hand till they were out and the door was closed on their faces.

Rudra just leaned against the wall as a teardrop made its way out. He knew that this closed door meant an end to his dream. He was heartbroken. Vani knew how much this dream meant to him so she tried to make him feel positive but his mind had accepted the rejection long before that happened in reality. Vani tried again as she hugged her husband tightly. His tears no longer had control over themselves as they started flowing without any end.

Vani just tried to console him as she felt his tears on herself. She had never seen him cry before not even when someone he knew died in a road accident. This only showed how much this small dream of his which he saw at the age of 16, meant to him. He always planned for this dream to come true that he had imagined every single thing with utmost details. Just then the door of the office opened again as the man stepped out with a kid holding his hand. The young boy was from the orphanage for the children’s with special needs and had down syndrome.

Vani and Rudra turned towards the man and saw the boy for the first time since they applied for adoption. Rudra looked at his boy as he fell down on his knees. The boy was a little shy as he was hiding behind the manager of the orphanage. His small black eyes peaking towards the person on his knees wondering who he is. Vani then called his by the name they have given him, Anagha which meant without any faults was another name for Lord Shiva just like Rudra was one. The kid smiled and hid his face behind the manager.

Then the manager slowly brought him to the front. Anagha was still very shy so he was looking everywhere else except at his new parents. Then the manager pointed at Rudra and said, “Paa”. Anagha looked at Rudra for the first time and their eyes made contact just the way it did on the day Rudra decided to adopt him. Rudra smiled so did his son. He opened his arms and asked him to come to his paa. Anagha didn’t understand what he said but he was still smiling.

Rudra approached him as he just looked at his paa with his innocent eyes. As Rudra was about to embrace him, he ran towards the manager and started laughing while the others too joined him. Rudra then approached him on his knees, again and again, he ran a bit away and started laughing. Vani looked at his man who she had dated for 5 years finally living his dream. She travelled with him in the journey of becoming a bf to a husband and now a father. She couldn’t control her tears of joy.

Anagha repeated the same thing again and again till Rudra’s knee started to ache. Rudra began to stand up when the kid came running towards him and held his hand. Rudra hugged him for the first time and realized how special his son was. The little kid just smiled in the arms of his paa. Vani went and joined them as the manager smiled as he witnessed a family being formed. Then the manager asked them to complete the remaining formalities and take their son to the new home.

They immediately went through with all the remaining formalities and took special notes as to what medicine they have to give their son. Anagha was still holding Rudra’s hand while his paa completed the formalities. Then they walked towards the car when Anagha said it for the first time in his sweet innocent voice, “PAA”. That small three letter word changed Rudra’s life forever.


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