Adding to the pages of Dee’s Life by Roy

Date :- 8th September 2018, 12:05 AM

Hey there!

This should have been Dee’s post since he is quite awesome with expressing his emotions both in writing and in speaking unlike me. I am more of an introvert when it comes to making conversations. Still, can’t let this rambling diary of Dee’s to stop midway. So I am here to fill the pages that he decides to skip.

Well, Dee is back into the duel with himself. He is one such rare person who is able to implement the motivational and inspirational messages in his daily life. He has kept himself isolated and by isolated I mean in all true sense…no facebook…no whatsapp…no instagram…no twitter…not any other known social media. He has replaced the songs on his phone with motivational Youtube Audios. He gets up early…does fitness routines…household chores…studies for his exam and wordpress. He has started his journey to prove himself that he can become the PERSON he dreams. Yet the path is difficult. To keep yourself motivated all the time is not easy. He has his small battles to win and today is one such. I know he will get through it and soon will be back with an added vigor. ALL POWER TO U BROTHER FOR BEING UNBREAKABLE !

As for me, I have been occupied with office work since my job requires presence over calls even after office hours. I am not complaining about it. We all lovingly hate our job. Then, have been pushing Dee Kay to complete the Chapter 1 of the upcoming novelette. Finally, have been writing a lot both for my personal works and for WordPress. I do have a lot of emotional lows and ups, so sporadic that it may take u by surprise…Don’t Worry…Today is a good day…

Above that, I feel touched reading the beautiful comments of you all. They just keep us moving forward and growing in our skills. I just hope maybe we could touch your lives with our words…and make you believe that you are a star shining brightly at the end of the dark tunnel shedding light for so many lost souls…

Keep Writing and Keep Shining and

Signing off Roy

 You are made of the same energy as the stars so tell me what’s stopping you from shinning?
– Dee Kay

(These are the personal views and daily life occurrences of the writer. Please read them with an open mind.)