From the pages of Dee Kay’s life

Date :- 8th September 2018, 09:12 PM

Hey peeps!

I had a pretty chaotic yesterday as I was overloaded with guilt and the pressure to be at par with my own expectations. I must admit that it wasn’t an easy day by any count as my own mind became my worst enemy. I am the best as well as worst critic of myself, in the world.  Some might think that I am being too harsh on myself but tbh I know what I am capable of and how my mood swings affect my productivity so I try to keep everything in check.

Enough about my low point so lets move to the positive things. So after that utter BS mood swing I felt for a couple of hours only to wake up to last night’s rambling written by Roy. I read the whole thing and it gave me a lot positive vibes so I decided to change some things around, AGAIN. I have known for a long time that I am not daytime person as from my school days I have studied for exams at night time. I know that I am most productive during the night and till noon therefore I have made a new schedule with the same activities just the AM has been changed to PM. Now I am back to living in Indian timezone but working on the American time zone.

Since it is Saturday so Roy manage to call around 1 AM. He wanted to write something and since I have been struck with Chapter 1 of the novelette, he had nothing much to do so he forced me to write at first, then pleaded me, and after that simply blackmailed me. Well, it did work as I started writing soon after our call ended i.e after 3:30 AM. We discussed few more points and scenes about the story then I sat myself down to type, type and type. So from 3:30 AM to 9:30 AM, I restructured the entire chapter. The end result is by far MY BEST WORK.

Roy was really happy with the chapter as I actually surpassed my previous work and now taken up the writing a couple of notch up. Now it’s his turn to write and be at par with the initial chapter as we try to maintain a healthy competition at the same time trying to take the story to the next level with each chapter. He would be writing as per the availability of time which is actually understandable. I am psyched about the novelette and is egarly waiting for the next chapter. I am sure Roy would live up-to the challenge and come out shining.

Amrita would be the first one to read the end product and give us her honest feedback just like she did on our first novelette. She is really sweet but at the same time brutally honest about our writing. She would help us out to edit the novelette before publishing it on Amazon. I will call her tomorrow. I guess that’s all from my side for today. Will see you guys tomorrow.



So this Dee Kay singing off.

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