The Sunshine Blogger Award, 2018

Written By Dee Kay

(In behalf of The Floating Thoughts Team)


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We, The Floating Thoughts, would extend our heartfelt thank you to Jass, from Zees Views, for nominating us for The Sunshine Blogger Award. She is a talent young Indian lady who writes to express herself in the best possible way. She has a really nice piece of blog called, Zees Views, and you should really check out this sweet and beautiful person’s work.

Go and check the blog out… NOW!!!!

Questions Asked:-

Q1 – Are you an introvert or extrovert person?

A1 – I would say I am a mix of both as I have my moments when I am highly extrovert and then moments later I turn back into being an introvert. I guess, it depends on the state of my mind and what I am feeling at that given moment.

Q2 – What kind of movies you like?

A2 – I am a serious movie buff. I have seen hell lot of movies and TV series in the last 2 years. On an average I have seen at least  3 movies per week since last 2 years, and don’t even get me started about TV series especially if I am hooked to it.

Now, coming back to the question. I don’t have any specific genre of movies that I watch as I just go for movies that has a great script plus actors. Although, if I have to choose a genre to go to then I will say Animated Movies as they never disappoint.

Q3 – What would you prefer: love marriage or arrange?

A3 – Coming from a society that is still in the initial stages of accepting the concept of love marriage, I will say that I would go for a love marriage that could be arranged later on (if that made any sense)

Q4 – Any weird dream or desire?

A4 – Way too many to write here. I have a curious and quite naughty mind.

If I have to mention one then I will say, that I really want to interview a serial killer as I am fascinated by their psychology. (Just the psychology and nothing less.)

Q5 – What genre of songs you listen the most?

A5 – At this moment I am refraining myself from listening to much songs but do indulge in some soulful instrumental music. Although, my favorite genre in music is Hip-hop so I usually use to listen to a lot of raps especially by Eminem.

Q6  – What will your preference: party or to be alone?

A6 – I like to party but I prefer being alone.

I enjoy the company of others only when there is a meaningful conversation where I get to learn a thing or two from my counterpart. Whereas being alone is a bliss for me as I enjoy my own company over anything else.

Q7 – What you like the most about yourself?

A8 – This is a tough question to answer especially because I do self introspection on a regular basis. The best part about me would be the beauty of my mind to create a story out of everything. This is the reason that I really enjoy travelling alone as throughout the journey my mind would be looking for situations, incidents, things, or people to create stories. I just love this about myself along-with the quality of being a great listener.

Q8 – Reset the list on priority basis: Myself➡️family➡️friends➡️dreams➡️money

A8 – Family➡️Dreams➡️Friends➡️Myself➡️Money

Q9 – Favourite singer??

A9 – Eminem, but he is technically not a singer as he raps, so I guess I will just answer it as my favorite musical artist.

Q10 – Would you like to say something to the creator of the WordPress?

A10 – I will just say, THANK YOU.

3 – My Nominees

4 – Question for my Nominees

  • Is your blog a journal, a literary experiment, performance art or none of that?
  • What one thing would you like to change in you and Why?
  • Who brings the most joy in your life?
  • What is the one thing you most want from your followers?
  • What is the one thing you most want to give the people you follow?
  • If you had to change your name, what would it be?
  • Which is your number one go to movie and why?
  • Which fictional character would you like to be? (Character can be from movies, TV series, novels or comics)
  • If your life story is to be adapted as a movie then what would be the its title?
  • Also, who would play YOU in the above said movie?