Model : Swati Mahato

Photographer :Crooked Pictures & Dinesh Kumar
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Compiled by : Tahira , Dee Kay & Roy
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Title : an infinite SHE!!!

She has fathomless capabilities. She has incomprehensible responsibilities. She has infinite vigor.  She is multifaceted, excelling in each one of them – a supportive sister, an emotive girlfriend, a protective mother, a perceptive wife. Her weaknesses are veiled under her strengths. Her feelings forms an inner immeasurable universe. Her fragility molds into impenetrable shield when in need. Her delicate sentiments transforms into tenacity when she is called for. Her heart is bottomless abyss of love. Her soul is a destiny to all questions. Her life is an epitome of beauty. The more you feel you have known her, the more you lose in HER ENIGMA…

So dear readers, read this special post that resonates the exquisiteness and mystical persona of a woman. In case you have known your special SHE, wait and take a step back, just think how much do you deserve her…pause to feel how much you respect her… standstill in the lull of her voice. You will definitely feel her resonating artistry all around you.

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They say it’s a man’s world yet when a woman takes her destiny in her hands, it shines brighter than the men who tries to make this world all about themselves.


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You hid the sun from me and i fell in love with the darkness…Now that pitch black shade unleash my colors


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I lay my bare soul to you
If only you could know
That the beauty of mine is only your impression 
Like the shimmer of moon under the sun


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She searched for a reason for the pain in her eyes. The window was just a reflection of the small opening in her heart after the chaotic storm that shattered it into pieces


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I sulk and cry and sigh all night..
But morning never missed my smile..
I am a shade, a grey granite…
This is my pedestal, you cannot revile..


“Masculinity of a guy is justified only when he dicovers his feminity within himself”
   – PADMAN (Translation from Hindi, Bollywood Movie)


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