The reason why most people don’t become who they want to be

is because

they are too attach to who they have always been.

You have to change yourself in order to become who you want to be in life. Don’t be afraid of changes just because you have had bad experiences in the past. Accept the past, endure the pain, and keep moving forward. You cannot change your past experiences but you can shape your future.

It wasn’t your mistake if you had an abusive childhood. It wasn’t your mistake that your partner cheated on you. It wasn’t your mistake that people never tried to understand you.

BUT, and it’s a big but, it is your mistake if you keep letting your past interfere with your present and ultimately your future. Your whole mindset is nothing but an augmentation of your thoughts and habits. Your thoughts define your perspective while your habit define your personality traits. You want to become someone you know, deep within you, you have the capability to become then  why are you stopping yourself from being that person.

  • Start by setting a proper and clear goal.  Divide those goals into short term and long term. Define the paths to achieve those goals.
  • Analyse your behavior and thoughts. Now eliminate those which do not add value to your pursuit of success.
  • Change by taking baby steps. Remember a lifetime of habits take time to change so keep putting in the efforts even if you don’t see the results initially.
  • Don’t try to scale the mountain at once. Don’t even try to look at the whole mountain. Just take the first step then look at the second then when you reach the second step look at the third and so on.

You are who you think you are, so be your own hero.



Written By Dee Kay

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