“No no no…Mishaaaa”, I screamed as I slipped under the bus, staring her lovely face for one last time while awaiting my death.

30 minutes earlier

Take leave from office today. please. I want to stay in bed with you all day long“, teasingly I grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards me.

She was almost half asleep as she fell into my arms. She felt so delicate and fragile as I embraced her in me. Her tousled hairs fell over her eyes. Those long hairs lay strewn over my face, filled my senses with her enchanting fragrance. She shivered as my fingers brushed over her nape, running down to the shoulders. She lay over me…her eyes shut tight…her face turned away…her fingers entwined in mine. She slowly bit her lower lip as I closed the space between us, her heavy gasps drawing me towards her with desires unquenchable.

The intensity of the moment was disrupted as her cellphone started beeping with texts, making her realize that she was going to be late for work. She got up from the bed. Her hands still held mine, reluctant to break free. Her blue eyes invading my soul and pleading me to drag her into my arms. No matter how many seconds, minutes, hours or days we stay beside each other, the next parting moment makes us crave more for the other. I knew I wasn’t yet ready to let her go, not in such a state wherein I wanted the whole of her, both in the body and in the soul. The raging beast within me wasn’t yet done with the peaking rawness between us. Neither did she want to turn away without drowning me in her fathomless beauty for one last time. She gave a smile, so infective and seductive that the longings that were just about to fade away plunged into a seemingly bottomless chasm of carnal yearnings. Indeed, this was the same smile that drew my attention towards her 8 years back, secluding her out in the crowd.

Yeah! this is cliche…I know…but if it is SHE who gets wet thinking of me, I am ready to run the marathon of all clichés that exist in this world.

Picking up the cue, I got up from the bed, breaking neither the connection to her eyes nor the grip of her hand. Pushing her towards the dressing table and pinning her to the huge mirror, I closed the distance between us. She sat on the table and pulled me into the valley of her parted legs. The white satin negligee of hers recklessly tried to hold onto her curvaceous figure as one of its straps slid off her right arm. I pulled the other strap down her shoulder as I pressed my lips on to her soft ones. She closed her eyes, as I slowly parted her lips and made my way into the warmth of her moan. Her hands lay around my neck, pulling me to her while running through my hairs and clutching as tightly as she could…

I loved the way she made me crave for her while she slowly lost herself in me…the moment wherein I know I am owned completely and wholly in all forms, by HER…

Caressing her tender surface, I dragged my fingers upward her left thigh, hidden below the embroidered edges of her negligee. Every touch…every contact…made the beats of our heart grow louder…made the breathes heavier…made the moment wilder…Her spotless skin glowed under the dimly lit ambiance. We kept on kissing each other while our hands kept on exploring like a new couple. It seemed strange yet so sensuous that even after 4 years of relationship as lovers and the next 4 years as a married couple, we still were so madly thirsty for the other…so crazily in love for the other…so audaciously in lust for the other.

Breaking free from the kisses, Misha rubbed her delicate cheeks onto my rough stubble. It had been always an indication that she had to leave and I needed to stop. Instead, I had all the intention to not to let her depart and all my attention was drawn to please her. Still, reluctantly, I had to let her go.

I have always felt myself the luckiest guy on earth. It is indeed difficult to meet one true love of your life and more difficult to be loved wholeheartedly by that one precious person. Misha was the light to my darkness…the respite to my inner conundrums…the destiny of all my journeys. The moments with her felt peaceful that silenced the surges of depression in this desolated heart. She could make me smile with her cute beautiful face…make me savage with her captivating charm…could leave me as a waste after those sultry looks…

Damn! I was a mess with HER…a mess that I would die a thousand deaths to be one…

I pulled her again for one last time for one last deep kiss…devouring as much as I could of her warmth…her fragrance…her taste…

To the moon and back…Until my last moment…Between all evil and good…Beyond all lies and truth…I knew I WILL BE HERS ALWAYS!


I stepped down the last rung of the stairs that merged with the roads. He stood at the threshold, in his low-waist unbuttoned jeans and a bare upper body that flaunted the aesthetic and ripped shape. He pushed behind the locks of hairs that fell over his eyes, and my heart skipped a beat. Never, I had thought to meet someone who would love me over all my defects…who would make this mute and deaf silly girl feel as the most precious thing of the world.

All of a sudden he started to run towards me, jumping off the stairs and rushing to me…the smile on his face was replaced with horrific concern. He was shouting but neither I could hear nor I could reply. On such occasions, I felt so helpless that I wished God could let me hear or speak for once in my life. I kept standing in the middle of the road, lost in my thoughts and confused about his actions.

Everything happened so fast that I couldn’t comprehend the situation and felt myself being pushed hard towards the other side of the road. By the time I could gather my senses, I froze in shock and fear, as I saw Niv slipping under the bus.

The reality hit me hard all at once…me standing in the middle of the road…the bus, with failed breaks, hurtling towards me and Niv, my dear Niv, saving me…

and then…

I screamed with all my voice. I cried with all my strength…
but only a MUTED BREATHE filled the air…as he closed his eyes on me…


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