We would like to extend our heartfelt thank you to each and everyone of the 1400 souls who thought we were deserving enough to share their time. It is astonishing to see the number of members joining our family. We would like to take this opportunity to let our family members meet the team behind The Floating Thoughts.

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She is the invisible hero in our journey who works behind the curtain and let the writers in the team shine. She is the pretty one out of the lot. She has been personally responsible for making this blog grow (from 100 to 1400 followers) in numbers by making new relationship with fellow bloggers. She reads, comments, and continue to sustain the relationship between our followers and this blog.

She is a young confident Indian girl who has been strengthening the core team of this blog from day 1. She is funny, witty, compassionate, positive, and full of life. She is like the candle that will burn itself to give others light but at the same time if you mess with her she can burn your house down.

A lovely and beautiful lady who is special in every aspect.

We present to you,ย Amrita.



He is the person responsible for the inception of The Floating Thoughts. This passion for writing, his desire to pursue his passion even with his immense professional work load, and his willingness to grow as a human has been the key reason why this blog is so special. He is an engineer by day and a poet, philosopher, and storyteller by evening.

His stories will make you feel all kinds of emotions as his words are soaked with feelings while making you see his imagination in front of your eyes as you cannot stop yourself from reading. His poetry is filled with hidden meanings while still being full of meaning. His motivational articles burns like fire as his word would surely ignite something within you.

A passionate young man with dreams to fly with the help of his words and the desire to be EPIC.

We present to you,ย ROY.


Dee Kay

Well, I am the one writing this so I won’t say much about myself as I guess my short stories, poems, and other articles have given most of you some idea about me. All the good things you thought about me is definitely true and every negative thing you might have thought about me maybe true as we are all a mix of good and bad.

So here am I,ย Dee Kay