The Reminisce

By Dee Kay

The soothing sound of the birds singing and the water flowing in the creek, made her heart overwhelmed with love. She sat on her chair as the newly constructed house stood proudly in the background. Her eyes were closed but her soul was open as she was embraced by the Mother Nature. The rising sun kissed her face good morning just like her Captain would do. A smile craved on her face as she remembered her captain.

It was their 12 years anniversary as she recall the time he first spoke to her. Back then he was just out of the academy and was completely new to this social media craze. He had no clue whatsoever about the new social trend. It was one of his friends who suggested him to get on and follow the new trend. He struggled a bit to understand how it worked but in no time was able to use the platform perfectly.

The first time he messaged her was a bit awkward as instead of saying ‘hello’. He started babbling about how he remembered her from the 5th grade. She had to put in extra effort to remember him as he was the shy kid in the class who was never really able to talk to girls without saying something foolish, and being made fun of instead. She finally remembered him as he told her the nickname he was given in the class. She laughed remembering him from school days.

Soon they started chatting as he no longer was the shy kid from the school. She unknowingly made a connection with him. There small talks turned into long conversations and their long conversations turned into late night deep conversation. He showed her the side of his personality which no one had ever seen whereas she somehow started trusting him with her deepest secrets. A bond of trust was formed which was beautiful beyond the meaning of the word beautiful.

Their chats were now limited as they preferred calling each other. Those late night talks became special as unknowingly they created some memories that would last a life time. It was then that she realized that he was the one with whom she imagined herself growing old with as once he told her that, “Beauty may fade away with time and the skin may be covered with wrinkles, but put on the love glasses and the person you love will still look like god’s perfection. ”

It was 8 years ago that on this very day he confessed his love for her and she cried for him for the very first time. She remembered how he thought that he had hurt her somehow and that made her cry. Little did he knew back then that it was her strong emotions for him that broke out like a dam was blown off. She said the three magical words in her soft sobbing voice that changed their world forever. The next 3 years were like a blissful experience that God had vested in their destiny.

She sat there on her chair with her eyes closed and a smile on her face when a single teardrop rolled down her face before touching the grass in the backyard. The sun was rising above the long lines of tree on the footsteps of the valley. She heard her husband walking up to her when she cleaned the traces of her tears. He came and kissed her good morning as he sat down on the chair beside her.

“You okay? “, he asked her.
“Yes honey I’m fine. You enjoy the view and I will just go take a quick shower before getting the breakfast ready for you”, she said smiling for him.

She went inside as the flashback from the past kept coming again and again. She rushed into the shower and as soon the water started pouring down so did her tears. It was the day when he was supposed to take a train back to her for their engagement when she saw the news on TV. There was an encounter late last night in the area he was posted in. All the terrorists were neutralize but the army did suffered some causalities. She wasn’t so worried as she knew he must have been in his camp packing for his departure.

She changed the channel to the one which was playing their favourite song. Then suddenly her phone started to ring. It was his dad who was calling her. It was a bit unusual as his dad hardly ever called her so she immediately picked up the call. His voice was heavy so was his heart. A really scary feeling gripped her heart as there was an eery feeling in the atmosphere. Then his dad said something that shattered her world completely. She stood there with the phone to her ears and her baby frozen as she tried to come in terms with the news she was just given. His dad repeated the news again,

“He killed two terrorists before he was shot thrice. He became a martyr.”

The phone dropped from her hands as her legs gave up under her. She fell on the ground as her whole body went numb. There was nothing that she could think about except his smiling face. She couldn’t cry even when her soul demanded her to feel her agony. The so called political and religious scam in the valley took away another young man who didn’t deserve to die.

She was in her shower as she sat down on the floor remembering the day she lost her love. She wanted to scream as the pain was unbearable. She just sat there on the bathroom floor wishing the water could wash away her pain too. Then she remembered his remains arriving at his home.

His whole family ached as his coffin arrived drapped in tricolour. She stood near the door as four soldier’s carried him inside his home for one last time. Everyone came in to pay him their last respect, yet she couldn’t gather the courage to look at his face one last time. It was only when they decided to take him away for cremation that she screamed to put him down. She went towards him and saw his face for one last time.

He was resting there as his innocent face looked really peaceful. He was a soldier who made the supreme sacrifice without thinking about anything else, even nor his family or love. He completed his duty till his last breath as he lay there satisfied with himself surrounded by the grieving loved ones who would never see him again. It’s unimaginable how she left looking at him laying their with no remorse for doing what was expected from him even if that meant the lives of his loves ones would never be the same game.

She hated him for being the hero in real life that saved others but resulted in a never ending painfulness for her. She kissed his forehead as she let him go forever. Soldiers carrying him away on their shoulders just like the responsibilities they would be carrying on their shoulders to protect their motherland as he finished his. They shouted slogans in his name as a man became the legend. She saw them carrying her love away, forever. They fired 21 gunshots but each of them took a part of her soul away from her. Those bullets bid a hero goodbye as fire consumed him and the tricolour on his body was presented to his family. She just stood there with a never ending stream of tears flowing down her face. The face that no longer had a reason to smile as she watched her love bidding the mortal world his final goodbye.

She stood up in the shower to walk out to dry herself. She looked in the mirror and saw herself smile and cry at the same time. His love made her smile and her love for him made her cry. It was a strange feeling to stand in the house he always talked about constructing near a creek. It still felt strange even after 8 years to not being able to see him again. She put on the smile and courage in her heart as she walked out to return to her life again, where she was married to a recent man who love her and she almost love him but he can never replace HIM. She put on the smile for her Captain was watching her from the immortal world.


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