Snapshots of Floating Thoughts #10: a Slow-Motion story of Speed !!!

IMG-20180402-WA0123Photographer: Vivek Kumar
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Compiled by: Neha & Tahira
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Title: a Slow-Motion story of Speed !!!


“The best part about travelling in the Indian subcontinent is the diverse culture wherever you go. I love to capture them through my lens and share with the rest of the world.”


Vivek is on the path of turning his passion into his career as he is currently pursuing his graduation in Photography. As a freelance photographer, he works part-time at weddings, events, and magazines. He tries to do something new with his work, and his pictures speak a thousand word. You need only to look.

A story that Vivek narrates through his images would give you a glimpse of a slow-motion world in the heart of speed. So, dear Reader, admire the juxtaposition of speed and stillness in the below captures.


As the streak of lights penetrate through the night,
I ask the clock that triumphant lasts,
“Am I slow, or are you too fast?”



I paint my brow with vermillion hue,
Body bedecked by trifles – old and new.

They call me sage, a funny facade,
But tell me who doesn’t dwell with two shades?



In the clangor of the street
There stood an edifice.

Among the foray of the rain,
Scarcely got noticed that ‘ageless Big Ben’.



My blurry days find no moor or anchor,
I work all day devoid of succor.

My family awaits my return at night,
Only to them, I am a worthy Knight.



The dark, dense foliage of the forest,
Where sunlight sneaks amidst the leaves,

A baby elephant sequestered by its herd
Revels in its own beautiful green world


“Sometimes, it is necessary to sit in peace and quiet just so you can hear yourself think. Slow it down. Take a breath. Escape, so you can find yourself again. Draw clarity and strength from serenity and calm. Connect with yourself.”
― Akiroq Brost


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Disclaimer: The copyright of all the photographs, is reserved by the photographer.

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