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We are back with the fourth installment of Multicollaboration for a poem with the WordPress bloggers.

This poem depicts the internal duel of the captive mind to set itself free and follow the heart.

Read now to find out how the WORDPRESS BLOGGERS have weaved independently a beautiful tale in form of a poetry around it.

The poets have been mentioned with their verses and their blog links.

Find time to visit them in order to read beautiful poetry.

PS: Roy & Dee Kay feel humbled and touched by the love and participation shown by all the poets and invite others to join them to spread the creativity across the globe.

captive emotions
ravaged by the indecency of your love
and though the beautiful hurting
is not vented in outward cries
inwardly, every part of me
slowly die
(Sherell )

As I descry these bars yelling confinement
My heart turns insensate at the thought of change
Enslaved to the wise expanse of your skies
I’ve failed for the umpteenth time to uncage the wild
These wings hardly reminisce a life beyond servitude
(Nameera )

I wander to the highest peak and
Finally speak the words I’ve feared too long.
I beg the stars to listen.
I implore them to recognize me once more.

No marred emotions and troubled thoughts
I seek what I sought
Dreams on the verge of becoming a reality
My mind has given me the clarity
To be, to do what was always plot.
(Ritwik )

Take me out of my head
Let me float around in nothing
I want to ascend to the top of my secret desires
If you want me gone, kiss me for the last time
All of me has already made the decision to leave and break free.
(alltimechelsea )

No longer can I face the sorrow
No longer can I face the fear
I wish to fly above it all
I wish to remain clear.
(Jay-lyn Doerksen )

Release me from the mortality of my thoughts for once
Let me soar in the depths of its absence
Like an ignorant bird, I flutter my wounded wings
To reach the summit of my hidden dreams
Kiss me goodbye now if you dare to stop me
Resilient this heart has already decided to walk free
(Roy & Dee Kay)

To walk free, to crave my thoughts in the mist
I want to be the air you breathe
I want to be the smile on your face
I want to be the solution to your dilemma
I want to be the drizzling you enjoy
I want to hum the songs you sing
(divadiaries497038461 )

Relieved, I soar towards the ever boundless sea
My wings cannot bear the weight of my wounded mind
I think back to days when comfort came to me
when loves tender touch dwelt wherever I could find
Now forever from these endless torments flee.
(talesfromthemindofkristian )

And now I cast away this body that is marred and blemished
That for so many years I held and cherished
Woundedness becomes my brightest gem
Providing treasures in my darkest night and then
Lifting me beyond the thinnest veil to worlds unseen
And things of which in sleep I couldn’t even dream.

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