Death and Me by Dee Kay

Death & Me

By Dee Kay

Death oh mighty death!!

Why is everyone so afraid of you,

Why is the fear when you’re the ultimate truth.

There was a silence as I waited for a moment,

Then came the soft whisper as death spoke with ardent.

Human oh dear human!!

You have so many questions to ask in this short time,

before I answer them I want to tell you that tonight you would be mine.

I smiled as I heard him flirt with my life,

Tonight I would be walking on the edge of the knife,

Death oh mighty death!!

What have you done to make people hate you so much,

What is the reason of you being in the shadow as such.

Death smiled at my curious mind as I talk away,

It wasn’t shy but didn’t know what to say.

Human oh my dear human!!

I am the end as well as the new beginning,

Some people are scared while some don’t have such feelings.

They hate me because they don’t understand me as such,

I am the reason for giving meaning to their lives nonesuch.

Death oh my old friend death!!

We shall let people understand your more,

As you are what is necessary or rather what make this life pure.

Death smile as it finally embraced me in itself,

Tonight a life ended but a new one was kept on the shelf.

I finally realized that it wasn’t me who would hate death,

But it was the living who felt betrayed by death.

Then I woke up from my dream and into the illusion of life,

as Death became meaningful so did this mortal life.

By Dee Kay


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14 replies »

    • Totally in agreement with you here. Tbh, Death is much more certain than life. The moment a person is born of a thing is made we all know that one day it will perish, that’s why everything come with a expiry date except human beings who have no idea about their date.

      As someone said, “Ek din marne ke liye puri zindagi jeeni padhti hai” (In order to die one day, we have to live the whole life.)

      Thank you so much for your time and appreciation. 🤗

      Warm regards 😊
      Dee Kay

      Liked by 1 person

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