Random Clicks #2: Paper Boats by Roy

Clicks by: Shayoni Roy
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Words by: Roy

Taking a long unplanned vacation to home, I realized the importance of peace in the midst of a stressful mundane routine life. Even at a temperature of 95 deg F, under the canopy of scorching rays, I was able to shed the skin of sophisticated materialistic life and relive the rawness of my roots to home. I could see the 5-year-old Me running in the garden and hiding behind thick trunks of the coconut trees. I smiled at the 7-year- old me climbing the mango trees of my garden and relishing the delicious almost ripe mangoes. I empathized with the 11-year-old me for sacrificing the morning beloved sleep in order to complete the homework at the last minute before rushing to school. I became nostalgic at the 16-year-old me who stepped out of the cocoon of home to realize his dreams. And now here I am back again, the 27-year-old-me with a heart full of dreams turned into reality yet a soul filled with a thirst to relive the childhood days.

Just as I was sitting in my bed, looking out of the window, towards the garden, with all those nostalgias, I saw the sky getting darker, accompanied by thunder. Soon the drops of rain fell on the torrid mud, generating a whiff of the freshness of grasses and the fragrance of soil all around me. The heavy rain soon formed a little puddle amid the greenery and I like a small kid was drawn towards it. Rummaging through the table, I found few rough papers and the next second I found myself making some paper boats. Yeah! the 90s kid was back again… with a candid heart…with no shackles of thoughts and stress…with ingenuous eyes…with no darkness of depression…as only a little kid running towards the pool of rainwater, holding his paper boats…

Sail your heart away!
Ripple – let yours and mine interfere sometimes
Some Sails…some sinks…yet life moves on
Reflections, makes us see our real-self
Steady! it moves on


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44 thoughts on “Random Clicks #2: Paper Boats by Roy

  1. i can’t decide which bit i enjoyed most, the part where you talked about how your dreams have turned into reality but you still have a thirst for the days of your childhood, or the piece about paper boats and the metaphor it has with your piece about how life never really stops moving. you’re incredibly eloquent and i always enjoy what you have to say.

    also, i nominated you for the sunshine blogger award. check it out! https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/82160083/posts/1896838738

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks dear so much for such a beautiful appreciation. I m glad that you could connect to the feelings I wanted to show. I feel humbled by your compliment .

      Congratulations for your sunshine blogger award and thanks so much that you felt us deserving. Will read the link.

      Much Love

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful!!!!!!!!

    How come these precious things were made to seem remote
    How come the words I weighed were forced back down my throat
    There was no room for honesty
    No quarter that was mine
    No noble cause
    I tried fake a life
    To fool those snapping jaws

    From here I dare to launch my flimsy paper boats
    I shove each gently from the shore but guard it where it floats
    They must not drift too far from me
    I still sense danger and
    They are too frail
    In time they’ll catch the wind
    And fly with billowed sail

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  3. Ah! I love those paper boats.💖 They are the most adorable part of my childhood 😊 Nostalgic. A little sad. Lovely pictures. Relatable words.💕 Aye Roy! Wonderful post☺️

    Liked by 2 people

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