ROY character of the story doesn’t bear any resemblance in reality to the writer ROY…:P
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A cold gust of wind found its way through the unzipped fabric entrance of the small tent and slid beneath the blanket that draped her soft skin in the right places. The wind started to lose its coldness as it slowly moved over her surface, slowing down at the valleys and ridges of her perfect bare body. She twitched in her sleep as a response to the cold hungry breeze. Keeping her eyes tight shut and giving away a frisky naughty smile, she pulled the sheet over her to cover the rest of that unblemished skin as she drifted back into her dreams. The frigid wind that was borne out of the slushed snow over the grass, felt dejected as it had relinquished its coldness just for the sake of the sultry sweaty taste of her only to be shunned outside. Deluged in anger and lost in despondency the wind rushed away from the tent towards me and hit my face as hard as it could, bringing me nothing but the fragrance of her, amalgamated in a sweaty coldness. I stood by the lake, a few feet away, bare feet on the dew-laden grass, and stared towards the tent, where a piece of my heart lay peacefully lost in her dreamyland…

Romy. THE GIRL. My Girl for now. MAYBE forever. Maybe for this moment. Whatever!
I don’t think much about the future anymore, more so when I know I have no control over it other than the permissibility to choose among the options that come my way. So I have started to live life as if it were a set of unending multiple choice questions that need to be answered at every step and I pick up that choice as an answer, which is directed by my heart and not the mind. Might be this is the only reason why I bumped into Romy on this trek after almost ten years of no contact whatsoever.

“ROY!. Ahemm ROY for Real. Oh, my God. I cannot Believe myself”. Yes, this is how she greeted me after fuking 10 years of her unexplained disappearance…after 120 months of the unanswered loneliness of mine…after 3652 days of introspection amidst my darkness. Well, she has been always like this, when she stays with me she gives herself completely to me and when she leaves, she takes away all the fragments of my soul along with her, rendering me empty and lost. During her absence, I have tried to fall back to normal life, time and again yet ended up with smiling at the failed dates, partying with strangers, getting drunk and stoned, spending the day on the marathon of smokes and piles of ashes,  listening to the looped Romy’s favorite playlist, reminiscing every little memories of her, and asking myself where did I go wrong…only to find myself in a limbo of hangovers.

“Come, Roy! Join us for a drink. Pleaseeee” After an awkward silence in the morning from me to her cheerful greet, I have been evading her on one hand and pacifying my raging heart on the other that begged me to embrace her in one tight hug. Though she tried to initiate conversations as if nothing had happened between us, I gave her cold shoulder and ignoring looks. Maybe I was foolish to think that she could be tricked by my iciness since she always had an ability to look into my soul whenever she looked at me. Finally, sitting around the bonfire with her group, Romy shouted at me as I scooted past them towards my tent, calling me with her all her cuteness in her voice, followed with all the giggles around her. She caught me finally. She knew I won’t say NO to that puppy smile and the pretty plea.

Finally, I ended up in her tent and I don’t even remember how it happened. The last thing I remember was walking in slow steps towards her while the heart within was on a freaking sprint as if it was about to tear up my body and run towards her. Then as we unbottled the rum in our glasses, all the bottled up emotions inside me turned into a torrent outside, engulfing me in her aura once again. The glasses kept refilling and so our stories…the evening silently made its way into the night and the bonfire kept burning itself, giving warmth to our company…people around us slowly made their way into their tents yet we stayed next lost into the talks, beneath the starry skies and hovering jealous moon. We were high on life.

“Don’t Stop now Roy…”
“I won’t”
my touch and her moans

“I don’t want the night to end Roy…”
“It won’t”
her skin and my fingers

“I want to feel alive Roy…”
“You will baby”
my arms and her hug

and just like that, we were back again as before but with increased rawness and beastly thirst waiting to devour each other.

Her lips parted releasing a heavy breath, and I caught it midway only to push it back in her blending mine into it, sealing those soft lips with mine, into one perfect association. We kept staring each other right into the other’s soul, while her fingers rummaged into my disheveled hairs and mine exploring every bit of her. Locked to her lips, breathing in her while she moaned on me, I stood up, holding her in my embrace and gluing her to me. She wrapped her arms around my nape and locked her legs around my waist. That instant…for that moment while she lay in me, I felt her crumbling in me like a little fragile fragment of my broken heart…a fragment that had been and would always be the most precious in my life and even beyond death. I walked us in her tent and pinned her to her mat at once. The exploring…the caressing…the touch…the breaths…and the kiss were what was just unleashed and amidst that, every important thing seemed trivial and every little thing felt special. The night answered the unanswered questions and by the dawn, the multiple choice questions theory of my life turned into one single answer question, of which the answer had always been SHE. ROMY!

I looked towards her as smiled at me, peeking into the morning with her half-asleep eyes through the flappy gates of the tent. Seeing her, again the hungry cold winds around me rushed towards the tent but now pulling me with them. 

I do know I will lose her again…I do know our story is going to revolve around the periphery of our lives always…I do know we will find love in patches…yet I don’t have any grievances anymore…Maybe True love is not about the lengths of time spent together rather the intensity of the moments while united…
And our story has always been one fukin intense one…


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