By Dee Kay & Roy

I looked at her calm sleeping face devoid of any blemishes. She looked so peaceful that it created a sense of warmness and comfort within me. I thanked my stars for letting me live this moment while my finger caressed her bareback. Her soft skin shivered with every touch as she finally opened her big blue eyes. Those eyes stared deep within me finding my soul and guiding it to nirvana. It felt so surreal yet so real.

Good morning.”, she spoke as her tender lips came close to mine. We kissed and the whole world around me made sense again. Damn! I am in love all over again.

“Good morning, love.”, I said softly looking straight into those eyes.

She slipped out of my embrace as she sat on the side of the bed searching for something to cover herself. My eyes were glued at her body as I observed every motion of her, the way her hair fell on her back like a black waterfall, the small mole on the side of her left shoulder, and the butterfly tattoo on her lower back. I have noticed all these many time yet I felt so drawn towards them over and over again.

Quit staring at me.”, She teased.

“We are married for quite some time”, she joked as she picks my shirt off the floor.

“6 years, and yet I just can’t get enough of you”, I explained.

You’re such a prev”, she teased again as she stood up wearing my shirt.

“That’s a look that never gets out of fashion”, I tried to tease. She wiggles her bottom looking over her shoulder as she teased me more. I was about to jump towards her when her alarm went off. She winked and ran straight into the washroom to get ready. I just lay there, dry and high.

60 minutes later

I was in the kitchen preparing her favourite banana pancakes with extra whip cream. I was preparing the plates when she walked into the kitchen in her formals. I always loved a woman in formals but never more than her. She would astound me every time she walked in her formals with those scary looking high heels.

“Ahh! So you liked what you got last night?”, she was not done teasing me. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her just inches away from our lips submersion.

“You have no idea.”, I said with a smile.

“FYI, I loved it.”, I concluded as my hand began its descend from her lower back.

“Good morning Deda….. Good morning Mom……..”, our 5 years old son came in from his room. We immediately spooked away from each other as if we were teenage couples who are caught by one of the parents. For some strange reason, my heart was racing just like the time we use to make out in her room while her parents were sleeping in the next room. Our son looked at us with a blank expression as if trying to decode the adult stupidity or something. We just stood there not knowing what to do. He just smiled and sat on the dining table.

“Good morning”, I said as I moved away from my wife. It is strange how one can be scared of touching his own wife in his own house because of his own kid.

“I should have waited a bit longer before getting her pregnant with him.”, I thought to myself as I look at my son who somewhat resembled me although at this moment he was nothing more than a spoiler of my love life.

“Honey, would you like your pancakes with cream or maple syrup?”, she asked him, the destroyer of my love life, my beautiful and almost perfect son.

“Extra whip cream.”, he screamed with excitement. Like mother like son. She was about to take two plates to the table when I stopped her. I quietly took one plate out of her hand and signalled her to eat with me on the kitchen slab. She knew what I was trying to do so to tease me more she instructed our weapon of love destruction, our son, to get his plate from me.

Like son, like mother.

He came running towards me as his mom sat on her chair looking at me with a smirk and teasing me with her eyes. I was staring at her while my son did the same; only he was staring at me. He looked at me, confused as he tried to take his plate from my hand. I finally let him have his plate.

“Why is deda acting so weird?”, he asked a valid question; only if he could understand the concept of morning quickies.

“ Good question.”, she encouraged him to inquire more while laughing at me.

I had enough so I just burped out, “because your mom and I are planning to get you a baby brother.”

She almost choked listening to my answer, and from the look on her face, I don’t think she liked it much. She glared at me as if the 5-year-old would know the concept of reproduction. So I just smiled and went on to prove my point by asking him another question.

“Son, do you know where do babies come from?”, I smirked as I took a bite off my plate.

Yes, he replied and this time it was my turn to choke. She gave me a death stare as if I was corrupting his young mind. I mean I know he has my genes and everything but I never told him anything, at least not at this age. Her beautiful blue eyes were now much scarier than looking into the eyes of a fire-breathing dragon.

“Where do babies come from?”, I muttered out as I prayed to god that my innocent kid does not answer it correctly.

“You get them from the mall.”, he answered as I sighed of relief while her death stares were taken over by love and happiness.

“So you want a baby brother?”, she asked him.

No.”, he replied without even taking a second. My son might have just destroyed my whole weekend plan. Is god punishing me for something? I kept asking myself.

But honey he would play with you.”, I said trying to stop my own offspring from running my long and extensive weekend plan. She looked at me trying to control herself from laughing. It was my turn to give her the death stares.

I want a baby sister.”, he said as he stood up finishing his pancake. I was relieved at last. She wiped his face after which she asked him to grab his bag and lunch. She took her car keys while opening the door. He kissed me goodbye and went towards the car.

“That was some request from our son.”, I said teasing her. She was blushing a little. I was about to kiss her passionately when he started shouting from outside. Damn you kid.

You finish your draft today. See you in the evening. I love you”, She said and just gave me peck kiss on the lips before rushing out.



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