Remember Me By Dee Kay

Remember Me

By Dee Kay

Remember me,
After I lay down in my final resting place.
Remember me,
For the words I wrote with elegance and grace.

Remember me,
After my voice becomes a distant sound from the past,
Remember me,
For the time I held your hands till your sorrows last.

Remember me,
After my body is consumed by the fire and I return to dirt,
Remember me,
For the love I had for all even when it did hurt.

Remember me,
After my memories become your souls part,
Remember me,
For the fire in your heart that I could start.

Remember me,
After my face is just lost in the memory’s lane.
Remember me,
For the hugs I gave when you were in pain.

Remember me,
After the world is free of my work and rhymes.
Remember me,
For the man I was till the end of my time.

Remember me,
After the universe consumes itself for the sake of a big bang.
Remember me,
For the neverending poems that they sang.

Remember me for being me!!


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33 replies »

    • True.
      Remember me is not just two words but a complete sentence with so many depth in it. A person’s life long dream is to leave behind something that he/she could be remembered for, in a good way Ofcource.

      Much love
      Dee Kay

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  1. I will never forget you my dear friend! You have changed my perspective, and quite frankly, my life. Please continue to share your thoughts with the world. Im sure if your words have helped me, they are helping others like me. Love you my beautiful brown friend! 🙂 Lord Shiva bless you

    Liked by 2 people

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