“They say that family is when a group of people have the same blood following through their veins YET there are few who become our family just by their actions, their words, and by a small connection.”

– Dee Kay

To Roy,

The friend who witness my lows.
The friend who inspired me rise.
The friend who wrote with me.
The friend who wrote for me.
The friend who connected with soul.
The friend who turned out to be my brother.

Happy Birthday Bro.

I cannot buy you any materialistic things as they won’t do justice to the respect, the love, and the emotions I have for you. So here is a small token of everything I have

A promise of being there for you in your darkest hours.
A promise to push you to become the best version of you.
A promise to help you achieve your goals in anyway possible.
A promise that I will be true to my words.

With loads of love,
Your brother,
Dee Kay

PS – I request all the members of our Floating Thoughts community to shower with some love on his special day.