After a huge love and support to the story ” The Girl who taught Me how to dream”,
The Floating Thoughts brings to you the Part #2 of the story of Trisha and Kai. 


The Girl Who Taught Me How To Dream

By Dee Kay & Roy

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I have had few sleepless nights lately. I am at a crossroad and maybe you might be able to help me out.
So I have been trying to move on as you wished but I really doubt whether I can pull this off in reality. I mean how can I let go of the person who meant more to me than my own existence. How can I even imagine letting you spill away from my life when you are my life. You always told me that there is nothing called happily ever after except in fairytales yet you had your happily ever after and, and here I am left with only those memories that you want me to move away from because you wish to see me loved again.

Lately, I have been staying awake all night wondering whether I could ever be able to love someone like I loved you and whether it is possible for someone else to love me the way you did, and the answer is always a big fat NO. I know this is the time when you will blur out some philosophical quote or a one-liner of yours that would magically make perfect sense. But you going away never made any sense.

I know I’m overwhelmed at the moment or as you would call it “Bad overacting”.

God! I use to be so annoyed whenever you used this line and now I am smiling like an idiot just remembering it. You seriously made me feel loved. I hope you remember the first time I tried to kiss you. I leaned forward with my eyes closed and my lips on a perfect pout. You sat there motionless with your eyes wide open and a smirk on your face. I held that position for couple of seconds and then I opened my eyes thinking about how embarrassing this is going to be. The moment I opened my eyes you burst into a fit of laughter making me turn red in embarrassment as well as a little angry. I stood up to walk away when you held my hand and controlled your laughter. Then I had my perfect first kiss and your soft lips embraced mine. Even though the perfect kiss could only last for a few seconds before started to laugh again yet on those moments I knew that you are the one I would spend the rest of my life with through thick and thin.

You make me smile like no-one else: ever could.

You might be wanting to know more about Ramy as he has always been the baby of the house. He is doing great especially keeping in mind how many chicks he is been scoring in the park. Just kidding, his luck ran out a few days back when a new and younger version of him came to the park. I felt bad for him in the beginning and then strangely I felt good. Maybe it’s cause I didn’t want him to be with those female dogs. I know you will say I’m jealous. Truth be told, I have a no dating policy in the house now.

Okay, that was a lame one but I am pretty sure you are laughing inside because my crazy is the perfect crazy for you.

Ramy is getting old like me so now we go out on evening walks and thankfully he doesn’t run much. Although the moment your little monster enters the house he goes into this madness mode running from one room to another. I mean he is dumb and reminds me of you. Another bad one I guess.

Sometimes I think he runs around the house just in search of you the way my soul wanders around the universe in search of you. He misses you. Last night when I took out your favourite quilt, he came running into the room then look around to see you but you were not there. So we both wrapped around the quilt and slept with memories of you.

Now coming to the to-do list. I completed the second task and got inked. Since you asked me not to get your face or name on my body so I opted for something else. The tattoo reads, “23rd Sept 2010 to forever”, that’s the date you said yes to me. I’m officially celebrating your happily ever after. I think I need to stop now.

So I will see you next weekend also I will do the next one on the to-do list on your next birthday as I don’t want it to be completed so fast because when I do the task I feel as if you are still there. So you will have to wait for another letter just like the previous one, till your birthday.

Happy Birthday, love.

Yours forever,
You know my name.
(Another bad one)

Kai stood in front of Trisha’s gravestone…laid those white lilies, her favourite ones, over her grave. He folded that white piece of letter and placed it with those flowers.

Finally, a tear fell on the soft mud as Kai smiled while reading the epitaph.

”The GIRL who taught me how to DREAM”


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