RUMINATIONS is NEEL’s diary. Each entry from it will share the moments of soul-searching from Neel’s life. Hope his introspection becomes a source of motivation for others.

Diary Entry: …2nd Feb’18…0400 hrs…time to declutter

I have waited for a long time now. I have stayed at the same place in my mind for some time now. I have been silently wishing things to fall back to my expectations. This illusion of attaching myself with the non-reciprocating ties and consuming temptations has pushed me into the corners of broken confidence and self-pity. It has veiled my vision that thirsts for rising high in life and has hidden my wings that long to reach those heights.

Why do we then keep ourselves attached to those nonresponding bonds?
Why do we keep hoping for a miracle by adjusting to our present situations?
Why don’t we love ourselves more than those distractions?

There is a single answer to all such questions – WE ARE AFRAID. We fear that if we break away from those ties, we may never find that someone who would be true to us. We are scared that if we don’t adjust to the current circumstances or with the likes of someone, we may be cast away from those so-called elite peer groups. We are apprehensive that the moment we start to love ourselves more than those temptations, we would realize that there is a long lonely and difficult road that needs to be traversed in order to emerge as a completely different person.

So, the ultimate question that lingers in front of us is

“What am I going to do about it?”

Everyone has his /her vision of life…the person he or she wishes to become…the dreams that he or she has been keeping safe in hearts. It is time now to give a chance to that person and to those unsaid dreams. It’s time to understand that no matter how arduous the journey is going to become, you will meet the best version of yourself on the other side. It’s is time to feel that your dreams are your gifts and they are not meant to be arranged as trophies instead to be lived and worked for.

By this time if you have decided to let go of your constraints and work on yourself, I will tell you what are you going to face while you walk on this new path. Every path has the same basic skeleton. There are three main things that you need to make peace with while you start this journey. First, there is no fixed time of completion and so it would test your patience and the will to keep moving forward with one single focus – TO BE THE BEST of one’s own identity.

Second, this not any pleasure trip that you will have people who would be walking along with you. To be honest, it is going be lonesome and by that, I don’t mean moments rather days or months or years. Don’t worry I will not leave you hanging off a cliff without giving you weapons to face them. So here it is. You need to isolate yourself from the unworthy people and useless needs in your life. Go into a hibernation…a hibernation wherein you would stay connected to only those people who brings out good in you or the things that keep you inspired. Be guaranteed that this approach would take time to get used to but once you conquer your distractions, no desolation or rejection can hurt you.

Third, the most important. COMMITMENT and CONSISTENCY. Commitment is nothing but the love for your dreams and consistency is the continuous unstoppable steps to reach towards it. How to do it now? Well, the best way is to repeat the below line to yourself every time you feel hard to take the next step.

“DUDE! I love you so much that I won’t let you stop”

Every day visualize the person you want to become. Manifest him/her in your mind…fill it with every emotion you have within and remember that every step…every drag…every push is taking you closer to him/her.

This is what I have already started while decluttering myself from my trivial temptations and undeserving people. To see a miracle, you have to create one. So, go and let the universe know that you are made from its strongest atoms and most persevering elements and that what may come, your relentless and resilient footprints will become an inspiration to others.

Stay Blessed

Signing off 


PS: See you soon on the other side!


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