Dear Friends,

Through this segment – Let’s Talk, I believe the chats and discussions help us to know one another better and in many ways help us connect. So, here comes the fourth chat question, one of the most interesting one.

” we travel to find our souls”.

In the search of answers to the conundrums of life, we often get all tangled up with the mundane routine life. We keep on continuing with it until one day we hit a chord of introspection…we realize that the things we do can never answer the big question of our life…and then we start to panic and fill our heart and mind with neverending confusion. It is when a much-needed respite helps us break free of the web of questions and the best way to do that is to pack your rucksack and take a trip. Travel helps to calm our nerves and soothe our hearts. We create so many memories…get fascinated by the wonders of this earth…experience so varied cultures and people…feel the warmth of stranger’s hospitality and the magnanimity of the world around us. We become mature not by the age by the way we live and learn from our action and TRAVELLING is the best teacher of all.

So, my dear readers…

Let’s Talk about our TRAVEL STORIES

“What are the places you have traveled or wish to travel one day ?
Share your sweet and sour experiences of traveling with us.
You can also share a link to your travelogues in the comments so that others can learn from your experience… “

Leave a Comment. Dee Kay and I would surely love to talk 

I would also request the readers to reply to others comments so that it seems more of a bunch of friends chatting over pint of beers…



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