Let’s Talk ! #4

Dear Friends,

Through this segment – Let’s Talk, I believe the chats and discussions help us to know one another better and in many ways help us connect. So, here comes the fourth chat question, one of the most interesting one.

” we travel to find our souls”.

In the search of answers to the conundrums of life, we often get all tangled up with the mundane routine life. We keep on continuing with it until one day we hit a chord of introspection…we realize that the things we do can never answer the big question of our life…and then we start to panic and fill our heart and mind with neverending confusion. It is when a much-needed respite helps us break free of the web of questions and the best way to do that is to pack your rucksack and take a trip. Travel helps to calm our nerves and soothe our hearts. We create so many memories…get fascinated by the wonders of this earth…experience so varied cultures and people…feel the warmth of stranger’s hospitality and the magnanimity of the world around us. We become mature not by the age by the way we live and learn from our action and TRAVELLING is the best teacher of all.

So, my dear readers…

Let’s Talk about our TRAVEL STORIES

“What are the places you have traveled or wish to travel one day ?
Share your sweet and sour experiences of traveling with us.
You can also share a link to your travelogues in the comments so that others can learn from your experience… “

Leave a Comment. Dee Kay and I would surely love to talk 

I would also request the readers to reply to others comments so that it seems more of a bunch of friends chatting over pint of beers…



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  1. I love cold weather regions and places that have natural beauties. So, USA, Canada, some part of Europe, Hong Kong, China, Israel, India and other interesting places. I love adventure and I love to travel. I wish to get to all of this places in the nearest future.

    Great post.


  2. I love travelling.. my ultimate dream is to have a world tour.. every alternate 2 months I try to travel new place.. recently I had visited Shimla, Goa, Mysore,Chikmanglore (Karnataka) Bhubaneswar, Visakhapatnam, Pune,Sinhgad in last 1.5 years.. next one is Jaipur next week.. I feel lucky to live in India. India is an extraordinary travelling spot with a combination of beautiful beaches in Goa, heaven like mountains in Shimla, cloudy calmness of Sinhgad and landscape beauty with agricultural land in Karnataka.. Travelling through western Ghats in a train trip is the best journey which you never want to end.. cold breeze of Goa is the time which you just want to freeze..

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  3. I love to travel. There are i Believe 191 countries and I have traveled around 30. Each year I am planing to add 2-4. My blog has some of my traveling experiences. French Riviera so far has been my best experience

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  4. Before my husband and I had children we traveled a lot in our 20’s. My husband has family in Italy so it was nice seeing and meeting everyone over the years when we would fly to Italy. We even took our oldest child to meet the family when she was a baby.

    It was a bad day though that first trip for our baby daughter overseas. Kosovo war was going on at the time and while at New York Kennedy airport our president at the time Clinton was on all the stations announcing our involvement with that war which was March 29th 1999.

    My husband asked me if I thought we would be okay continuing on since we hadn’t gotten on the plane yet and we were headed in an area where a war was breaking out, at least closer then the USA.

    I told him we would be okay, we would basically be out in Tuscany at his aunts villa the whole time so we wouldn’t be around anything bad. The trip turned out okay but when we would take the train into different towns to explore and we would speak, people could hear our American accent and for the first time I felt anger and looks from them instead of smiles and friendly greetings.

    America had just gotten involved in another war and people were angry about that. I told my husband we should not speak a lot while out in public to not draw attention to ourselves. I can not speak Italian but my husband speaks some.

    When we were traveling back home and landed all the television stations were on the same channel like the day we left, so I figured it was about Kosovo again but when we watched and saw what was happening my eyes teared up and I looked down at my baby girl whose hand I was holding, she had just started walking at that time.

    I turned to my husband and said ” What kind of world will our daughter be growing up in?” I was frightened because what happened on our return trip back to the USA was the Columbine Highschool Massacre.

    We were only in Italy visiting family for about a month and in that short time we went from a war breaking out to children being murdered. We never traveled overseas again after that trip. We have stayed close to home since then. And then 911 happened.

    My husband and I used to travel everywhere, Central America, Europe, Mexico and we loved meeting people and seeing different cultures. The world isn’t so big when you get out in it and if we all took the time to meet each other and see each others cultures we would be friends and wars would not exist.

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    • First of all let me extend a warm hug to you and put forth my gratitude for sharing such a personal experience of yours. I can really connect to the feelings that did reflect from your experience. Nothing can ever justify the happenings in a war. It breeds the negativeness among people and clouds every good things in this world.

      The question that came in your mind while you saw your baby take her first step, really touched my heart. As a parent, truly we would wish to provide a safe haven for the kids…a world that is made up of love and compassion but what we find mostly is hatred and selfishness. Still, what we can do is to instill the best of qualities into our next generation…teach them the ugliness of war and fill them with the importance of affection and understandings.

      Travel surely makes us connect with so many varied culture…we get to understand their ways of life…their thoughts and opinions and the more we try to accept and understand different cultures the greater we create a world of compassion…

      I hope really that one day these words would take our thoughts to different corners of the world into hearts of different people and make this world a better place…

      Best wishes to you and your family


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  5. I love going on holiday (In the UK we use the word holiday to apply to any trip away for pleasure, at any time of year) and I always like to have a holiday planned.
    I am not extravagant, I am not keen on expensive hotels or ‘all inclusive’ holidays. I don’t eat or drink much and so they wouldn’t work out for me. I like holidays where I am in control. I prefer self catered apartments or even staying in Caravans. I always take my teapot and teabags with me.

    I like to have a mixture of small breaks and longer holidays. I travel a lot around the UK but I also go abroad. My last holiday was a week long trip to Whitby in Yorkshire which I enjoyed a lot.
    My last trip abroad was to Amsterdam for a long weekend and I loved that too.
    I have enjoyed New Zealand and Australia.
    Prague is a lovely city and so is Budapest.
    Ireland too is beautiful, they get a lot of rain but the grass really is GREEN.

    On my list of places to visit is Iceland, Norway, Canada, North Portugal, Barcelona and Sorrento in Italy.

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