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Words by: Roy

The race for self-discovery most of the times creates an illusion of a path towards success. We tend to believe that once we achieve success we would discover ourselves. However, when that path ends we are left with mere fragments of ephemeral success and enhanced thirst for the insight to ourselves. This is a story of a girl who floundered many a time while walking on that road yet never did stop for once. Her destiny at the end of that road unraveled that her dreams were linked to those successes. But when she achieved them, she felt incomplete. All her life she had bottled her emotions and her feelings to keep herself strong enough for that journey. Now, when she stood at the top rung of that ladder she felt an uncanny emptiness around that contentment. She never knew the ways to express emotions. Her smiles and her cries were alike to all. Her compassion and her hate were equally ignored. Her dreams and her aspirations were branded unachievable. She felt broken inside but being unexpressive looked determined. She spoke less and allowed her toils to shout for her. Still, when she proved everyone around her wrong, she never felt a tinge of happiness. Though she had conquered her dreams she was yet a stranger to herself.

We all need a push or a revelation to find ourselves and for this girl, it was just the rains. Standing in the middle of the garden in her home, she searched for the setting sun amidst the dark clouds. She never skipped saying goodbye to the setting sun as it reminded her the promise of a new day- a day when she would know the ways to express her emotions…the route to see the images of her feelings. The setting sun remained lost enveloped by the clouds but the girl did not shy away from finding it. She never knew how to give up. Then all of a sudden, the clouds answered her dedication and tore themselves apart giving way to the droplets of cold evening rain. Amidst the drizzle, she saw the last rays of the twilight as her sun bade her goodbye. She stood there for a while, transfixed, kept looking towards the dark sky under the downpour. The droplets cleansed her mind and quenched the thirst of her soul. She knew now the sun went away giving her the answers she already had within. She had always been in love with nature and found it as her shelter during her struggles. When everyone kept judging her dreams, the sun reminded of a better tomorrow…when every struggle seemed insurmountable, the rain pacified her agitated thoughts…when every decision seemed clouded, the clouds tore apart to shed the ray of hope… She knew every nuance of nature and the ways it spoke to her. She now knew that the only way to see the reflections of her emotions is to capture those beautiful surreal moments in her clicks…the snapshots of moments became the home of her emotions…And so she ran inside her room, picked up her polaroid and rushed for those last rays…the rays that gave her hope…the rays that were her only true friends…

Here is a glimpse of her travel beyond the clouds…amidst the rains…

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Behind those mountains of your fear…beyond those clouds of confusion…you will rediscover yourself
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Look past the droplets of judgments if you wish to believe in your destiny
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No summit is unreachable unless you are ready to behold the vastness of your talents
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Every door leads to a new path, Every path leads to new challenges and Every challenge takes you closer to your success
In the clouds…I see Hope… In the greenery I see life…


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