Dear Friends,

After the two installments of Let’s Talk, I believe these chats and discussions help us to know one another better and in many ways help us connect. So, here comes the third chat question.

Many of us, work at jobs that are nowhere near our passion. We meet people whom we don’t like because of some or the other reasons. We put up a fake smile to veil our true feelings. We place our hobbies behind closed doors and put efforts in areas which bind us in the shackle. Finally, we end up doing things we hate, meeting people we dislike, tolerating moments we despise. So, let’s share things that we hate and so lighten our hearts.

Let’s Talk about things we Hate

WHAT are the things you Hate the most and Why?

Leave a Comment. Dee Kay and I would surely love to talk 

I would also request the readers to reply to others comments so that it seems more of a bunch of friends chatting over pint of beers…



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