Let’s Talk ! #3

Dear Friends,

After the two installments of Let’s Talk, I believe these chats and discussions help us to know one another better and in many ways help us connect. So, here comes the third chat question.

Many of us, work at jobs that are nowhere near our passion. We meet people whom we don’t like because of some or the other reasons. We put up a fake smile to veil our true feelings. We place our hobbies behind closed doors and put efforts in areas which bind us in the shackle. Finally, we end up doing things we hate, meeting people we dislike, tolerating moments we despise. So, let’s share things that we hate and so lighten our hearts.

Let’s Talk about things we Hate

WHAT are the things you Hate the most and Why?

Leave a Comment. Dee Kay and I would surely love to talk 

I would also request the readers to reply to others comments so that it seems more of a bunch of friends chatting over pint of beers…



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  1. This is super refreshing. I appreciate that you have encouraged followers to express their negative emotions – writing is a great outlet. Personally, I can’t help but channel Marx and his concept of alienation in regards to labor – work isn’t something I feel very connected to.


  2. I hate alcoholism and how it utterly destroys families. I hate when the alcoholics decide and proclaim that their actions have no affect on the people around them. I hate wondering which version of the people I’m going to get each day. And I hate the heartache that comes when they betray you and never apologize because they never own up to doing anything wrong.

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    • Addiction is something that deters one away from their loved ones. It’s not one life that is being destroyed rather all the lives associated with the person…there is no way that there is an universal solution rather it’s a two way process…the family should be understanding and calm listener to the person and the person must realise he needs to change…
      What is only solution is that patience in the whole journey…coz getting addicted is easy buy giving up the addiction requires dedication to the people the person loves…



  3. I hate stupid drivers that can’t drive properly, and put others in danger. I hate this because as I said, it puts lives in danger, and it is so frustrating. These people do not deserve to be on the roads.

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    • This is so damn true.. No matter which part of the world you are in you will always see people who drive recklessly and put themselves as well as others in harms way. I often get really pissed while driving because no matter how carefully I drive, there is always that one driver you get on my nerves as he/she would be so careless.

      Not so fun fact, my country (India) tops the country ranking with most road accidents in the world.

      Dee Kay

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        • You know the worst part about it is that more than often the person who is driving recklessly is the one starting the road rage. Thankfully, I’m a big guy from my countries standard so people usually just look at me once then they just drive away 😂

          It’s actually unfortunately very high in India. Every year around 136,000 people die in India and that’s just the lower limit. Blame it on our population, 1.26 billion.

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  4. Well I work in hospitality a job that I have passion for however there are times this is ebbed away by the very issues you’re referring to in your post. Hate is a very strong word but if I may use it…I would say….I hate hypocrites and hypocrisy….I just don’t like fake people but I guess at the end of the day it’s your attitude towards the things that you hate….that matters.

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    • I agree to your point. Although I believe that we can never really hate something or someone but there are times when we observe things that makes us angry from the core hence bringing out the worst in us (the feeling of hatred).

      Hospitality is one of the most challenging industry as one has a direct contact with the customers who can be a pain in the butt. Although that’s also the most fun part about the industry.

      I will just say that not people often wear a mask to hide their real self as they feel insecure but at the same time many of them just wear it to expoilt others which is harmful.

      Anyway, I just wish you all the best for your future endeavors and may you have more power.

      Dee Kay

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  5. I hate lots of things. I am not an ambivalent kind of person so I either really love something or I hate it. Except for people, I don’t tend to Hate people until they do something pretty bad to me or my loved ones.

    I hate Injustice.
    I hate bulling
    I hate the fact that nowadays people hate each other when they have different opinions and views, what ever happened to agreeing to disagree and having a bit of tolerance? We can’t all believe the same thing.

    But I think the more we focus on what we hate, we attract more of it into our loves. So I am going to stop there and start thinking about all the things I love.

    Like your blog. Blogging in general, writing and sharing, making friends….etc.


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    • I totally agree with you. People nowadays have been engulfed into the fake ego boost system where they won’t mind hating someone just to feel superior for a minute or two. People often forget that we all are humans first and then anything else. Plus, it’s some what I’m trend to be an A-hole because few online friends will think that we are cool.

      But yeah we need to focus on what we have rather than what we hate as the law of attraction is always in the mix hence we attract what we think about the most.

      More power to you and your blog my friend..

      Dee Kay

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  6. Well I do not work but I would not use hate , but I dislike the routines structured around man made rules such as bills and shopping and looking your best all times when forced but most of all I dislike the 30 second judgements that people get when they meet you

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    • Judgements are something that seem easy for people…they just do that without even realising that there are more to what they see and whatever they think must not be true always…but still what we can do is that not to judge others and set an example… hopefully others can follow us…



    • You know, that forced societal structure has always kind of irked me too. I often wonder what it would be like to go back to a barter system or a life where we worked to produce food and goods we need like shoes and such. Maybe I just fantasize an older time period, but it sure seemed simpler.


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