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We are back with the third installment of Multicollaboration for a poem with the WordPress bloggers.

This poem uses four prompts written in 4 lines with each word in a different line


Read now to find out how the memories unfold in the moments of twilight for the loved one…

The poets have been mentioned with their verses and their blog links.

Find time to visit them in order to read beautiful poetry.

PS: Roy & Dee Kay feel humbled and touched by the love and participation shown by all the poets and invite others to join them to spread the creativity across the globe.

The dim rays of the upcoming twilight
Rushes your memories in me like streaks of light.
Baby! I do miss you to never-ending lengths of infinity
whilst you live in every sane moment of my insanity
(Roy & Dee Kay)

At the sacred juncture of twilight
I see You, Oh Master of my heart
As the setting sun, holding memories
Embracing infinity, this very moment

In the twilight we sat, speaking through eyes relentlessly
Refreshing our golden memories along each exalted smile
You are the bliss to my life we said to one another
That is another precious moment we will always rejoice
( Pᶓȵfĩℓả )

I have you with me,
All the time, in every moment,
In the form of beautiful memories,
Like the twilight at the nightfall.

Though my memories of your face diminish
my love for you remains eternally clear
and although I descend into dark twilight
It is the moment I lose you, I most fear.

stardust in twilight blooms
creating mystic moments
filled with all the beautiful memories
that I have of you

Come every twilight
I gaze at you through retreating glimmers in the sky
Night falls and memories strike
Moments long gone torments my heart, as I lie.
(Neha Sakuja)

If only for a moment
Again you, I’d like to see
Caress your skin beneath moon’s twilight
Imprison your touch in my memories

This moment makes me start to cry
I mourn the loss of You and I
Twilight deepens like my pain
Memories of you cut me again

And now, in the shadowy twilight
Haunted by memories of better times
I come to You Who helps me see
Awaiting my final moment

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