Let’s Talk ! #2

Dear Friends,

I feel at times that the posts become more of a monologue, where in we express our feelings via poems/stories/photographs etc and recieve your support via the lovely comments. But, I wish it could be more of a dialogue sometimes where we can actually talk to one another. So, here it is a step from our side to know you and share some quality time with you.

Standing in the railway station and waiting for my train to arrive, I observe a mutitude of emotions around me…happy welcoming faces…sad parting eyes…confused looks…cheerful childish smiles…excited adventure seeking groups…introspective quiet singles (like me…haha)… selfi obssessed photographers…shy yet selfi wishing clicks… Every emotion worth a smile…So, I thought why not share our moments that always brings smiles whenever we think of them..

Let’s Talk about our Happy Moments


Leave a Comment. Dee Kay and I would surely love to talk and share about ours and yours Happy Moments

I would also request the readers to reply to others comments, so that it seems more of a bunch of friends chatting over pint of beers…



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  1. When my art turns out exactly the way I planned it to. Starting out with water colors is like an unplanned journey. All you’ve is a blank page with pencil lines that have sort of traced the outlines that I’m supposed to move along. The closest thing to magic for me is being able to transfer on paper exactly what’s on my mind. It’s a beautiful feeling.

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    • Indeed it is Nameera. These emotions and feelings what makes up our soul. The best way to shape and make them remember is to put them into your creativity. Art is indeed the beautiful way to express it…capturing all your senses at once…

      I am glad to know that you can create magic with your emotions. This is a rare talent Nam… Never let this go. You wont believe how many people you could inspire by this…

      Much Love

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  2. My Garden makes me happy. I love encapsulating a small bit of slightly tamed (only slightly) nature in my own back yard. I encourage the birds and bees into my space. I also have two hens that keep me company. It is my own bit of Eden.

    Also music makes me happy. I recently did a post about my favourite classical music pieces. I find music can really help improve my mood.

    And spending time with people I love makes me happy. I love nothing better than to have a good natter with my friends over a nice cup of tea and maybe a piece of cake.

    Finally I have discovered that Blogging makes me happy. I enjoy writing my stories and poems and sharing them with others. I also enjoy meeting new bloggers and making friends, like with the Floating Thoughts crew.

    Thank you. 🙂

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  3. Happy living to u too!☺ And I agree…observing and being out in nature does bring us closer to God…”his invisible qualities are clearly seen from the world’s creation”

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  4. Taking about happy moments! Sure…This is the best way to realize happiness in our lives I feel. I am in…Let’s talk 🙂

    -1st thing that brings smile on my face early in the morning is the Sunrise. It’s worth getting up early to witness this magical phenomenon.

    -2nd thing is the call from my husband who gets up early only to talk to me as both of us are working miles apart & don’t get much time to talk before night. I know how much he struggles to get up just to match my time.

    -My work…I am working on plants/nature….nature teaches me great things everyday. As I go closer & closer more l believe in God!

    -My mommy dear who keeps calling always whether I pick or not and never complains! I love her so much!

    Life is a blessing in itself & we need to remind ourselves about this from time to time….Leaving all the negative things aside, we need to celebrate life bcoz happiness worth more than anything else in life!

    Happy Living to all 🙂

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  5. Happy moments:
    * watering plants in my kitchen garden
    * staying up late reading
    * my first coffee at dawn
    * penning my emotions on paper
    * chatting here with all you wonderful people☺

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